Is The Gaming 3D Boom Over? Research compiled by the British Film Institute (BFI) says that 3D films only account for a fifth of box office revenue in 2011 compared to a quarter in 2009-2010 in the UK.

The research also showed that the average cinema made £32,000 from 3D films in 2011 but in the year 2011 this slumped to just £16,000

Could this have an effect on the 3D gaming Market? Playstation and Sony was very quite at this years E3 on the 3D front. For the past 2 years Sony’s E3 presentation as been heavy on 3D and this year 2012 there was none...

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Morrigan-Aensland2032d ago

Little big planet karting is in 3d and its coming out later this year so its not over

MasonicGamer2032d ago

The problem is we are not seeing 3D gaming figures as the 3D version is always tied into the orignal version of the game.

I was shocked that Sony didn't push 3D gaming at this years E3 though...

THESONYPS32030d ago

we need holograms, good thing they are making holographic tv's

samson-12031d ago

The 3D boom never started. Its a nice feature but totally unnecessary.

WeskerChildReborned2031d ago

Just like how unnecessary 3D is for movies these days, i don't like the fact that alot of em are focusing on 3D. But yea, i never really cared enough for 3D gaming.

vortis2031d ago

LOL I was about to say the same thing.

When looking at console games or scouting upgrades for my video card, the one thing I never even bother looking at is 3D support. Completely unnecessary.

ThanatosDMC2031d ago

One thing i learned is to never buy the PS3 3DTV... it only lasted 7 months and it wouldnt turn on again. Then it took a month and a half to get it repaired from the factory and it took 2 weeks to get back to me after it was fixed. Also, im pretty sure i got a different tv from the one i sent since my cat scratched the casing of my old tv and it's not there anymore.

Now i have a green line on the left side of my screen. Repaired but a different problem???

JBSleek2031d ago

3D is a luxury as of now so I don't see the big adoption at this time. With only a 4% adoption rate I don't see it being a viable future until 4K 3D so glasses free technology can actually be a viable option.

3D needs more media outside of a dismal gaming selection and select movies for you to expect consumers to replace very capable 1080p TV for the same thing just with 3D.

Baka-akaB2031d ago

All major brands of tv carry 3d as an option by default on their newer tv sets .

Again take Samsung , from of its 2012 lineup only one tv set was without 3d .

Doesnt mean of course ,3d will be a big if any success at all , but it's already there to stay and included .

Once the stores tv stockpile will be including more current tv sets as opposed to stuff from 08-10 , the estimate wont be accurate much , if it ever was .

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