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Submitted by MasonicGamer 1294d ago | opinion piece

Is The Gaming 3D Boom Over? Research compiled by the British Film Institute (BFI) says that 3D films only account for a fifth of box office revenue in 2011 compared to a quarter in 2009-2010 in the UK.

The research also showed that the average cinema made £32,000 from 3D films in 2011 but in the year 2011 this slumped to just £16,000

Could this have an effect on the 3D gaming Market? Playstation and Sony was very quite at this years E3 on the 3D front. For the past 2 years Sony’s E3 presentation as been heavy on 3D and this year 2012 there was none... (E3, Industry, Next-Gen, PS3, Tag Invalid)

Morrigan-Aensland  +   1295d ago
Little big planet karting is in 3d and its coming out later this year so its not over
MasonicGamer  +   1294d ago
The problem is we are not seeing 3D gaming figures as the 3D version is always tied into the orignal version of the game.

I was shocked that Sony didn't push 3D gaming at this years E3 though...
THESONYPS3  +   1293d ago
we need holograms, good thing they are making holographic tv's
samson-1  +   1294d ago
The 3D boom never started. Its a nice feature but totally unnecessary.
WeskerChildReborned  +   1294d ago
Just like how unnecessary 3D is for movies these days, i don't like the fact that alot of em are focusing on 3D. But yea, i never really cared enough for 3D gaming.
vortis  +   1294d ago
LOL I was about to say the same thing.

When looking at console games or scouting upgrades for my video card, the one thing I never even bother looking at is 3D support. Completely unnecessary.
ThanatosDMC  +   1294d ago
One thing i learned is to never buy the PS3 3DTV... it only lasted 7 months and it wouldnt turn on again. Then it took a month and a half to get it repaired from the factory and it took 2 weeks to get back to me after it was fixed. Also, im pretty sure i got a different tv from the one i sent since my cat scratched the casing of my old tv and it's not there anymore.

Now i have a green line on the left side of my screen. Repaired but a different problem???
JBSleek  +   1294d ago
3D is a luxury as of now so I don't see the big adoption at this time. With only a 4% adoption rate I don't see it being a viable future until 4K 3D so glasses free technology can actually be a viable option.

3D needs more media outside of a dismal gaming selection and select movies for you to expect consumers to replace very capable 1080p TV for the same thing just with 3D.
Baka-akaB  +   1294d ago
All major brands of tv carry 3d as an option by default on their newer tv sets .

Again take Samsung , from of its 2012 lineup only one tv set was without 3d .

Doesnt mean of course ,3d will be a big if any success at all , but it's already there to stay and included .

Once the stores tv stockpile will be including more current tv sets as opposed to stuff from 08-10 , the estimate wont be accurate much , if it ever was .
timetoquit12234   1294d ago | Spam
ShinFuYux  +   1294d ago
It's still too damn expensive and sometimes annoying. If all tv's came with 3D, like the 3DS comes with 3D. Then, I think 3D would of been so much bigger, now.
Dazel  +   1294d ago
It never impressed me, would rather have a vr headset. Now that would be cool.
bub16  +   1294d ago
i hope not. i enjoy playing the odd game in 3D
pinwheelherman  +   1294d ago
3D does seem to be a trend that's going away now. I feel sorry for all the movie theatres that spent millions on 3D technology, only to see declining ticket sales.

As far as gaming goes, it's interesting that Sony spent their last couple of E3 conferences promoting 3D, then completely ignored it this time. However, since Nintendo have committed themselves to 3D, there may be a chance that it takes off in this generation.

We're seeing a decline in other places as well, such as mobile technology. LG and HTC both released 3D phones last year, but they quickly disappeared from store shelves. Since then, we've heard of no new 3D phones on the horizon.

The problem is, people are slow to adopt new technology. We're moving as such a fast pace now that the average consumer can't keep up. Joe Everyman is only just upgrading to HD, so expecting him to embrace 3D so soon is unrealistic. Maybe in another decade we will see the mass adoption of 3D media.
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ginsunuva  +   1294d ago
Except for some reason everyone can magically afford to upgrade Apple devices multiple times a year.
PersonMan  +   1293d ago
Everyone? Also, I believe they subsidize the cost, so you get the new phone for cheap. I assumed you were talking about iOS devices.
Nodoze  +   1294d ago
James Cameron is working on the Avatar follow up films. Additionally all 3 of the Hobbit films were shot in 3D.

Anyone who does not think that 3D adds to gaming and movies is nuts. It pulls you into the film, and with gaming it pulls you further into the game (if done properly).

Trust me if MS had a capability to do 3D we would be hearing all about it. Since they don't, we don't hear anything about it.

As someone pointed out almost every TV sold nowadays is 3D.
samson-1  +   1294d ago
You must be dreaming dude..The majority of films aren't in 3D and more people and movie studios are actually turning away from it. Mostly because of the glasses,lack of interest, and people getting sick. Yes, we may get a movie here and there but the amount that support it is definitely diminishing.

Microsoft and Nintendo do have the ability to do 3d. They have stated that they prefer glassless 3d. Microsoft knows that this tech is on shaky ground, plus it has nothing to do with capability because none of the consoles can properly do it anyways. They are too under powered for it. Besides, its all up to the devs anyway in which 99% of the industry won't bother with it. As for movies, did you read the article? 3d movies only counted for a very small part of the movie revenue there and it is shrinking every year. Same for U.S.

Also, saying that almost every TV sold nowadays is 3d is a totally inaccurate. As for gaming, 3d won't become the norm til more 3d tv saturate the market, and the way it looks, that may be a problem. How many game tiltes are being done in 3d in the next year or 2? My guess is hardly none because the demand just isn't there.

The only way i really see 3D taking off is that they do it without the glasses.....and it has to be done so a good amount of people don't get eye strain and the headaches that come with it.
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Disccordia  +   1294d ago
The 360 can do 3d it was enabled in a firmware update last fall
tiffac008  +   1294d ago
This happened to HD gaming before, it took time and a gaming generation before it really got going. Not because no one wants to adopt it but because its pretty expensive in its early life cycle.

3D is in the same boat right now, consumers have an appetite for something different but also can wait awhile till the prices and usage becomes more practical.
taquito  +   1294d ago
"Is The Gaming 3D Boom Over?"

lol....boom?? was a whimper at best

3D gaming on pc is as it always has been, a dedicated group of enthusist and 1,000's of games playable in full 3d, true 1080p

3d gaming on consoles is a gimmick that lowers the resolution to sub-hd standards, causes even more jaggies and runs even more slowly

maybe next gen consoles will have the horsepower for 3d, but this gen ps3/360 couldnt even run ps2 games with proper 3d settings

and yes, i own the sony playstation 24" 3d tv, bought it for the hell of it, usually game on pc on a 55" samsung. got it for $250 from best buy (they are great tv's and if you can find them they are only $200 now)

but the 3d on the games ive tried makes the game look worse, not kooler, or more immersive, just worse, more jaggies, more slowdown and muddy resolution.

on pc it looks kinda kool, but is still annoying to my eyes after a short while.
ThePsychoGamer  +   1294d ago
Thee biggest supporter of it has since stopped pushing halve as much as they used to, and if the 3DS has shown me anything about 3D gaming, it only detracts from the experience.

Break the locks.
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johnsonbat  +   1294d ago
3D is too much of a gimmick. Movie studios and tv producers have been peddling 3D to try and boost falling revenue. Give me HD over 3D any day.
hennessey86  +   1293d ago
I really don't care what anyone thinks, watching a film in 3d is brilliant and anyone who has seen Hugo and saw what is possible when 3D is used properly will no what I am talking about

EDIT: and there really isn't that many 3D films out at the moment, LoveFilm have about 20 that are worth watching and with Film studios shooting more and more films in 3d and with prices coming down I am sure it will pick up again
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BuffMordecai  +   1293d ago
I personally don't like having my vision darkened from the glasses just to watch something in 3d.

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