Xbox Live member touts pedophilia

A pedophile has openly admitted to combining the two things he loves, Halo 3 and children, to lurk Xbox Live for underage boys in a quest for "boy love." "Most of the time I'm with boys there is no sexual involvement," YouTube user Myidisphat wrote following posting video in which he spells out "I 'heart' little boys" on Halo 3. "They think I'm cool as hell because I do crazy [expletive deleted] all the time. Of course they love to ruff play. I'm not saying there is sexual involvement, but I'm not saying there isn't."

"Like many vocal pedophiles on YouTube, Myidisphat touts pedophilia as a matter of freedom of expression. 'I think that boy lovers are the most open minded people of this earth,' he writes. 'We are extremely caring. Your children would tell us things that they would never tell you. We are better than any parent with children,'" R. J. Carter chronicled on The Trades. "His video work draws, as one might expect, a great amount of irate comments, but Myidisphat also attracts his share of admirers."

"I decided to make a video using Halo 3 to support boy love. So I combined the two things I love," Myidisphat wrote. "This is to educate people by showing boy lovers are everywhere, even on Xbox Live."

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Winter47th3740d ago

Just when you thought humanity couldn't get any lower..

TheTwelve3739d ago

I want to barf. A true example of the abuse of freedom of speech, and another example of how the internet is safe haven for cowards and despicable people.


gamesR4fun3739d ago

you never ever let your kidsplay online without supervision.

r3xmund13739d ago

this guy needs to be dragged outside and have his nuts blown off with a shotty, then left there to consider his 'love'.

Children are intrinsically 'innocent' (regardless of their knowledge of sex and bad language, the perception and interpretation of sex is not mature) and for an adult to impose his twisted ideals using a game shows what a disgusting little turd this guy is.

I vote for someone to find his account and hack it.!


Iron Man 23740d ago

It's ok to be g*y but you don't have to let the whole world know,just keep it to yourself(and your boyfriend/s maybe?);)

Winter47th3740d ago (Edited 3739d ago )

Isn't a man ...'hearting' little boys is considered [email protected] in one form or another ? not to mention a molester, [email protected] and muffdivers/Lezbos were only a beginning towards a long road of legalizing perversion rights under such claims of ' Freedom ', since those two were approved, what's stopping'em from approving pedophilia calling it Freedom of expression ?

If that wasn't considered perversion, then what is..

sak5003739d ago

Muffdivers are normal hetro guys right? so whats wrong with that?

allforcalisto3739d ago (Edited 3739d ago )

read the topic title einstein.

this isn't about sexual orientation. The dude's a paedophile, and the youtube vid is creepy.


dude there are TONS of girls out there who've been sexually abused by "straight" men. That had nothing to do with lesbians or gays. What led to that then? oh don't tell me single mothers? atheists?

Societies dysfunctions lead to stuff like this. You perpetuating homophobia, leads to people repressing themselves and getting very self-conflicted. A lot of paedophiles are abused themselves probably by repressed homosexuals.

and dude paedophilia hasn't been legalized.

dazreah3739d ago

You are a fool you do know that most pedophilias are hetro men that prey on girls!

The RhymeScheme3739d ago

Umm this is a matter of being gay its a EFFIN Pedophile. This guy needs to be found and have his ass kicked...

techie3739d ago

What being gay and pedophilia have to do with each other I'm unaware. Consider you both reported.

gamesR4fun3739d ago (Edited 3739d ago )

gay I can respect this is a pedo and thats just sick.

why this vid btw this one sums up the story
" decided to make a video using halo 3 to support boy love. So I combined the two things I love.

This is to educate people buy showing boy lovers are every ware even on XBL (Xbox Live)."

TheSadTruth3739d ago

1) This is a joke you fu**ing morons
2) It's not funny but you still shouldn't be so gullible about what people say on the internet.
3) Pedophilia and homosexuality are both genetic. So you can't call pedophiles disgusting and support homosexuality when pedophiles obviously have a disorder and need psychiatric help.

Nevers3739d ago

...thanks for reminding me how small minded, ignorant, and callous a person can be. Your opinion is now being utterly ignored because even if you have valid points on any other subject, I wouldn't sully my mind with the drivel that you spew.

IN TERMS YOU MIGHT UNDERSTAND >>>Please crawl back under your rock now...

Winter47th3739d ago

Hey bud, I'm glad that you're trying to sensationalize the FUBARed times you've had with your homie Wilson and his One Eyed Snake, I'm sure he's cooler than an eskimo's nuts and all, but you're living in a shell of denial, and i can't help but to feel sorry for you.

Oh look there goes your dignity right around the corner, go on, squat.

Nevers3739d ago

NO, no Winter's... this isn't about you doggin on Pedo's -who should be put down in horrible, horrible ways. I'm all for putting em in general prison population without protection cuz that their JUST desserts.

I'm merely disagreeing with your small minded take on the homosexuality. Judging by your insult you obviously know a bit more about that type o' lovin' than I. Doth ye protest too much?

Winter47th3737d ago

Wilson's calling for you don't forget to leave your dignity at the door :D

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P4KY B3740d ago

He might get the wrong idea

Silverwolf3739d ago

If he could, he would remove his helmet and open wide.

Mr_Kuwabara3740d ago

What's his gamertag?

Michael<3Jackson69? lol

sfinXters3739d ago (Edited 3739d ago )

Some sick sh!t. The guy should be banned.
Though I think that this is probably just a joke or something.

Mr_Kuwabara3739d ago

Does that organization really exist? I remember seeing an episode of South Park about it but I thought it was some fake/invented organization for the episode.

MrSwede3739d ago

It's not a joke. Check his comments on the video.