Fight Night producer to head up Gears of War?

Microsoft has snapped up Kudo Tsunoda from the ashes of EA Chicago, the studio responsible for Fight Night Round 3 and Def Jam Icon that EA shut down in November last year.

The colourful and charismatic Kudo Tsunoda was the lead producer on both of those games and was working on the sequel to Marvel: Rise Of The Imperfects when EA closed the studio down. Following the closure, which EA promised wasn't because Def Jam Icon brought Sean Paul to the 360, Tsunoda has now joined Microsoft's Xbox division as the title of General Manager.

The confusing part is Kudo Tsunoda is project lead on "an upcoming Gears Of War title", which throws itself open to all sorts of interpretations - where does this leave Cliffy B and Epic? Will Tsunoda just have an advisory role? Does this mean another Gears Of War title besides the expected sequel? Will Sean Paul be in it? So many questions, so few answers. Hopefully, the upcoming Games Developer Conference will give the answers...

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Nicosia3793d ago

Will Sean Paul be in it? hahahahahhahah... Just Gimmi tha light :) Good humour. But i think its just a advisor/exc. producer role.

solidt123793d ago

Will Sean Paul be in it? Come on now. I can't believe they even had to ask. That's like putting Britney Spears in Halo 3 driving a Mongoose with a baby on her lap. LOL LOL LOL lol

SRuN43793d ago

Gears of War is an Epic IP, so why/how is Microsoft hiring someone to be on that title?

Chubear3793d ago

Sounds kinda like Epic taking a hands off approach and going -

"Ok, yeah you have the rights to GeOW2 but we ain't working on it like before. You can get your own people on it if you wish"

Relcom3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

He is the biggest douchebag i've heard or seen. Why would they hire that fuktard and ruin a good thing?

Here is a pic of the guy:

He always wears sunglasses and when you hear him speak you instantly want to punch him in the face.

AngryHippo3793d ago time before posting, as you clearly have not. EA has NOTHING to do with this.

Killjoy30003793d ago

you guys are screwed if this is true.

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The story is too old to be commented.