PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royal Private Beta Gameplay

This is private gameplay of the new game playstation all stars battle royal im fighting in the littlebigplanet arena enjoy

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shinrock1374d ago

I just don't get the appeal of this or SSB. to each his own. Enjoy.

Thatguy-3101373d ago

Why bother clicking to comment?

LoaMcLoa1373d ago

You seem to like The Force Unleashed so you obviously have no taste in gaming. Just sayin'.

shinrock1373d ago

I wasn't trying to downplay the game. I been gaming since the Atari days. Yes I'm old. 38 to be exact. Sorry, I forgot what site this was. Like said in the comment ENJOY, and I truly mean that.

TheFinalEpisode1374d ago

I wasn't lucky enough to get in but so far I'm only hearing great things about it

WeskerChildReborned1374d ago

Yea niether have i, i'm making sure i check mark the recieve newsletters from Sony box just to make sure for future betas lol.

HebrewHammer1374d ago

What a hideous interface. I'm sure this is only temporary though... Right SuperBot?

HebrewHammer1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

Oh and FENDR / PHENDR - I'd be very careful about posting these videos. They're coming down on a lot of people already for disregarding NDA. And your not really being secretive about your PSN name. But keep posting these for the rest of us while you still can! lol

capjacksparrow1373d ago

Friggin awesome so far, surprised you aren't in Charles :P And yeah, I hope the UI is temporary. You will have a ton of fun with this... I think we have a pretty similar taste in games, so you can take my word for it.

HebrewHammer1373d ago

If you say it's solid Joe, then color me excited :)

Sci0n1373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )

Speaking of joe would be nice if viewtiful joe was in it or added later as dlc