Have Used Games Helped the Industry Evolve?

Used may be a four letter word among publishers and developers due to the constraints preowned games and a hits-driven market has put on the industry. But despite risk aversion and other drawbacks, have gamers benefitted more than they have lost by the resulting ecosystem that the used game market has created?

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christheredhead1939d ago

As much as people complain about Gamestop, they still push software and hardware just as much, if not more, than any other company. Just look at their constant incentive programs for upgrading to new hardware, pre ordering new games or purchasing DLC.

Personally, I like Gamestop and I really enjoy used games, both of which are here to stay for a very long time.

Christopher1939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

Devil's Advocate.

First, if GameStop didn't push hardware, they wouldn't have an audience to sell to. The more hardware, the larger their potential audience.

Second, they push pre-orders but that's it. They do not push you to buy new in the store once they have used versions of the games in stock.

Third, used games have turned publishers and thereby developers into "play it safe" teams. Combined with the Industry's infatuation with Metacritic, we are not getting the quality of games we should but most of it is being placed into marketing and developing methods to garner money from users after they purchased the full game (game passes, DLC, F2P concepts, and so on).

Fourth, because of this, the future of gaming will turn out to be all digital driven. If the used market affects profits too much, then they will abandon B&M and move to digital distribution in the areas that they can.

christheredhead1939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

True, I agree with most of what you said. Its a sort of balance for both the industry as a whole and Gamestop.

Pushing hardware is definitely a win win for both sides.

Their pre order incentives are easily some of the best with varying trade in values, tiers and promos. Used is obviously their bread and butter though. Even if you have a new game in your hand they'll try to swap it with a used copy. Can't argue that.

I've always felt that if you make a great product, people will want to purchase that product. There are far to many games that get slapped together with no replay value or extra content. The only thing to look forward to is repurchasing locked content. I feel like that is the largest percent of used games. The 6 hour, cinematic, no replay value, no unlocks type of game is sort of the standard. I mean, who wouldn't want to purchase used under those circumstances? I dont know, thats sort of the way I look at it.

I'm not sure if digital will ever take over on the consoles 100%. Its completely within the realm of possibility and probably inevitable, but if the demand for physical media remains constant then I see both coexisting.

WeskerChildReborned1939d ago

Yea agreed cause when i'm in the store they always try to get me to buy used even if i want a new copy though it's not that bad cause you can return in for credit within a week so you can get a different used game.

I don't really mind Gamestop that much except kinda getting ripped off when trading in games but i haven't found any place that doesn't rip off cause Best Buy gives you about the same price as Gamestop does.

DeFFeR1939d ago

@Wesker - Amazon usually has far and away the best trade in values for games.

Flavor1939d ago

Used games' damaging impact has strengthened the position of the PC platform. Digital downloads in an online cloud can't be resold to gamestop for crack money.

Publishers have been wrung out by used games abuse, and they see the open PC platform as a better choice - no absurd console royalties, no packaging costs, and no lost sales to second hand market.

soliduck1939d ago

There good and bad. For older hard to find games that my local big store doesn't carry anymore, there great. But there the main reason things like online passes exist, And pre order bonuses, which is bs. Honestly tho in 10 years or so will they even exist, with consoles going more digital next gen, and mobile gaming stealing the casual crowd, I think gamestop will really struggle.

TheDestroyer1939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

They're good if you can't afford a game new.

Gekko1938d ago

I think they've helped more than they've destroyed. I remember walking in CeX and seeing how many people were buying games from there. If it weren't for shops like them then they would be less people buying consoles since they might not be able to afford other things such as games or accessories.