Why Final Fantasy X-2 Is A Great Game and Why Spin Offs Should Be More Like It

With Square Enix doing their annual spin-offs and the recent rumor of there being ANOTHER addition to Final Fantasy XIII, in Final Fantasy XIII-3, I think it’s time to defend a forgotten game.

This game is by no means amazing, but it has received so much hate in it’s life. This game is Final Fantasy X-2. While it isn’t an amazing game, it is still a game that is worth playing and is also a very great title. Here are 5 reasons why Final Fantasy X-2 is a great game.

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iamtehpwn2328d ago (Edited 2328d ago )

X-2 had some excellent gameplay overshadowed by a horribly unentertaining story and theme and few playable characters. It's open-ness and combat system were superb if it wasn't for all corny the moments and poorly written story elements, and the bizzare Toriyama'd idea of having a party made up of one gender...

sinncross2328d ago

The story was just downright horrid.

Hurts the excellent story of FF10 inmho.

ChickeyCantor2328d ago (Edited 2328d ago )

I don't get why people say FF10 had an excellent story.

The story did not pick itself up until near the end. The characters were bland and they were just there. They were just there for the sake of it. Their whole existence was just to drag a long. Wakka seems so unrealistic with his "HEY LETS BE FRIENDS EVEN THOUGH I JUST MET YOU HEY LET ME GIVE YOU A HEAD SCRATCH CAUSE I MET YOU 2 MINUTES AGO" That guy is socially impossible.

Tidus was horrible, whiny and pathetic.

The only thing I like from the story is the take on religion. Even though it's subtle.

O and Seymour ....O lord Seymour...He was just silly.

Reibooi2328d ago (Edited 2328d ago )

I think half the story was terrible and half of it should have been the entire focus. The game spends a good half or more of the game with the charlies angels like escapades of the girls when the story of Lenne and Shuyin should have taken center stage the entire time and once it starts to focus on said story the game gets much better but at that point it's kinda too little to late.

I also didn't like the drastic change in Yuna's character. I realize they had to bring her out of her shell somewhat because she was becoming the main focus but the drastic style change both from combat and attitude made no sense. I mean she went from withdrawn somewhat in FFX to badass at the very opening of X they should have grown her into taht instead of just making such a jarring change to her character.

However from a game play perspective it was a very good game it was very open and the battle system was awesome.

wishingW3L2328d ago

I'm with you Sidar, FFX story wasn't great and the characters weren't that good either but compared to FFX-2 it's an Oscar winner.

Ranma12328d ago

Does a dis service to FF10.

But FF10-2 os still better than FF13

iamtehpwn2328d ago

In manys XIII is an evolved and streamline version of X-2. These like Paradigm shifting is a streamline version of Dress Spheres and such, and both shared a very similar development team with Toriyama at helm.

poolsharky272327d ago


If Paradigm Shifting changed everyones outfits, I probably would have enjoyed it more.

Or even if it simply changed their attack stance/footing, or really changed... anything.

Paradigm Shifting pretty much just gave you access to different skills. It didnt have the same feel that you were actually changing anything.

Dress spheres were more reminiscent of classic jobs, while Paradigm Shifting felt like a boring bland way of restricting skills(since shifting doesnt actually change anything physically).

Pozzle2328d ago (Edited 2328d ago )

The party made up of one gender didn't bother me...but did Square have to make them so girly? Hell, I'm a girl and even I found them embarrassingly girly. Dress spheres, singing minigames, massage minigames, Yuna and Rikku saying things like "poopie" and "oopsie", etc. I even remember shutting my bedroom door during some scenes because I was worried someone would walk in and see me playing it. I'm not even joking. :(

I get that the game was trying to show Spira as more calm and care-free since Sin was gone, but so many things just came off as weird or downright childish. Did Square REALLY think this was the best way to expand FFX's plot and show us what a Sin-less Spira looks like?

Optical_Matrix2328d ago

The battle system was a stroke of genius. Shame about the rest of the game.

Azazel2328d ago

You are a troll....every comment!

Why? Just WHY?

bwazy2328d ago

Why is Big Brother inside you Azazel? Why?!

Reverent2328d ago

Azazal, you yellow-eyed bastard, why must you be right all the time?

Some of the things Them_Bones says are funny, but I always see his comments getting marked down for "Immature" or "Off Topic" lol.

HarvesterOSarow2328d ago (Edited 2328d ago )

No offense to anyone, but that comment was funny as hell. As I watched some of the cutscenes in X-2 I got that awkward feeling, like "there's no way I want people to see me playing this game."

HarvesterOSarow2328d ago

Incorrect. Everything in this game but the battle system was terrible.

Skateboard2328d ago (Edited 2328d ago )

Yuna using handguns ..... wtf ? I'm firm in my belief Toriyama is a one hit wonder.

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