Michael Phelps -- Gamer?

In an interview, Michael Phelps stated that he finds himself playing "30 hours of Call of Duty a week".

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Intentions2095d ago

What a boss, training and playing games at the same time.


Lol and he still gets trashed rofl after playing for 30ish hours [per week] LOLOLOL.

PoSTedUP2093d ago

swims, smokes and plays games. yup sounds like an american gold medalist to me : D

detroitmademe2094d ago

30hrs a week huh.thats probably why he barely qualified and didnt even medal in the races today.still a fan but he's gotta focus.

b4mw32093d ago

I guess I should stop hating on him then huh

SwiftShot2092d ago

Those 30 hours he could of put in swimming more and maybe he would of placed. tsk tsk tsk