Who Will Win The Next Console War?

The next generation console war will kick off when the Wii U launches later this year, although there hasn’t been a date or price revealed, we do know that the Wii U is supposed to release in time for the holiday season. If the past is anything to go on, it’ll launch sometime in November, just like the Gamecube and the original Wii. With the current console generation going into the history books, the slate is wiped clean and all of the companies are back at the proverbial zero. It’s a lot like the NFL season, once the Superbowl is over, everyone is back on even ground. Last generation was kicked off by Microsoft and their upstart Xbox 360 console, this time Nintendo will hit the ground running first. Which, if any of the current big three, will win the next console war?

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Cocozero2330d ago (Edited 2330d ago )

The one with the fastest growing install base/market-share, in other words Xbox.

AnotherProGamer2330d ago

all I care about is games and sony is the that gives quality sequels and new IPs

iamnsuperman2330d ago

Why ask the question? We do not know anything about the next PS4 or next Xbox and weirdly do not know the price and specs of the Wii U. The only advantage the Wii U has is being early, the next xbox has a good install base when it comes to online gaming and the PS4 has the studios to produce (has shown this) quality mature games. Apart from that not much is known about the next systems to judge if it will fail,do very well, do ok....

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