Why Nintendo is hurting themselves by not announcing Wii U launch details

When Nintendo first announced the Wii U last year at its pre-Electronic Entertainment Expo press conference, we were definitely intrigued by its potential, as you’ll be able to interact between device and television in ways that we couldn’t even imagine beforehand. However, since its announcement, Nintendo has been kind of iffy on official details.

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Emilio_Estevez1969d ago

I would as well, but I would also add they aren't talking themselves into a corner by announcing a date they can't make.

Hisiru1969d ago

How can people be excited about the Darksiders 2/Assassin's Creed 3 WiiU version if developers can't talk about it (thanks to Nintendo's NDA)? People will just buy the PS3/x360 version... and we will see bad third party sales again. Isn't it exactly what Nintendo was trying to fix?

Anon19741969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

I don't think it's hurting them at all. Given Nintendo's demographics, while I'm sure there are a number of fans out there waiting in anticipation, I don't think the bulk of Wii-U buyers pay attention to pre-launch buildup. You think the majority of Wii owners cared what the specs looked like pre-launch? Or watched E3? Or know what E3 even is? Why would the Wii-U be any different?

Do you think the average, potential Wii-U shopper is really chomping at the bit to get out there and line up to pick up a Wii-U, day one? Again, there will be those who do, but those aren't the majority. As long as it's on the shelves come the holidays and has a launch title that contains "Mario", that's all that matters.

PoSTedUP1969d ago

i was gonna write something long about how it wont hurt them. but you pretty much said it. i just wanna add that: the less people know about it the less people will bad-mouth-it and spread it through word of mouth through that period leading up to the release. so the less people know about it, the better. nintendo are going to let their consumers buy it because they bought the wii, all they need to know is that it's more powerful than the wii and that's it..

Salamander1969d ago

I would say the majority of all console owners did not care about the specs when purchasing. I know most of the gaming population wouldnt know what a Hr radeon 66+ is. We see a game; we go "OH that looks amazing- it must be powerful." Simple as that.

yabhero1969d ago

Just so everyone's clear the price is probably between
299 and 349
the controllers will cost 50-70 bucks
and games will be 60

TBM1969d ago

Im personally buying one 6mths to a year after launch. i wanna see if it has a lineup that's interesting enough for me to drop $300+ on.

TheSanchezDavid1969d ago

Yeah, I was really hoping for launch and pricing info at E3 this year, but the lack of said announcements made me reconsider buying the Wii U at launch.

WeskerChildReborned1969d ago

Agreed, they need to announce a release date ASAP that will give retailers some time to get it hyped up like maybe a December release and an announcement in August - September.

Then we'll probably see alot of Wii U commercials and for the people who thought it was an add on, will now see it isn't and might possibly check out the system.

iamnsuperman1969d ago

"Then we'll probably see alot of Wii U commercials and for the people who thought it was an add on, will now see it isn't and might possibly check out the system."

It is so surprising that we haven't seen any yet. I know we are 4 months away but that is 4 months to show the product isn't just an add on and worth investing in to the general public.

WeskerChildReborned1969d ago

I know, I hope Nintendo knows what they are doing.

Toman851969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

They said they hope to sell 5 mill WiiU consoles by April 2013. Now its the time to launch the console if Nintendo gonna reach that mark. I hope I will get my hands on with WiiU in Nov-Dec

Please Nintendo make it happen!

Relientk771969d ago

Nintendo needs to announce the price and release date for sure

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