Too Cheap To Buy A PS3 DualShock Controller?

Technabob writes: "This strange appendage snaps on to the bottom of your standard PlayStation 3 SIXAXIS joystick, turning it into a poor-man's DualShock controller.

PEGA's oddly-named "Vibrating Bag" adds rumble capability to your stock PS3 controller. Now they don't specify if the vibration actually works when the game generates its feedback signal, or if the thing just continuously rumbles. But couldn't your tired hands use a relaxing massage anyway?

In addition to adding some unwelcome bulk to the controller, the remote receiver that plugs into the console's USB port has a huge antenna sticking out of it, messing with your PS3's sleek good looks".

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ravinash3771d ago

I've created a box that when ever there is a loud explosion in a game, the box will send out a big Boxing glove and punch you in the guts.

diatom3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

If it works on the X-box 360 send me a link to order a few so I finally can get those 360 fanboys their chrismas prezzies!

PS can it be adjusted to aim a bit lower?

gta_cb3771d ago

now now, soon as though in your profile it says you have both a PS3 and an Xbox 360 AND a Nintendo Wii you should know PS3Fanboys are just as bad.

diatom3771d ago

Hehe... I admit it... Nothing like busting out the wii with a few friends over and too much to drink. As for the x-box, I really enjoyed Mass Effect, Bioshock, Forza and my wife is a live arcade junky (can someone recommend a support group, she hasn't made me a sandwich in months). But at the core, I love my ps3....

ukilnme3771d ago

I'll be going with the DualShock.

mikeslemonade3771d ago

I'm still using the dualshock 2 for PS3. Sixaxis or DS3 it don't matter to me just give me the cheaper option.

GodsHand3771d ago

I did for while too, but some games force you to use the sixaxsis part of the controller. Which means the dualshock from the PS2 wont work.

This device does not justtify getting one, being an add on making the controller bulky, and unless your a solo player, you will need more then one of these devices.

moujahed3771d ago

If i went to the store, and a clerk showed me this... I would have to slap the sh!t out of them.

Iron Man 23771d ago

How much can a DS3 controller possibly cost?$50?quit being a cheapa*s like the Xbox fanboys

I'll be picking up two DS3 controllers later on this year;)

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The story is too old to be commented.