Customer Service Doesn't Help Harassed Boy on Xbox Live

One gamer has been left "utterly disappointed" by the Xbox Live Customer Service after no actions were made following his reports that somebody is harassing his little brother through Xbox Live. The guy even has the required proof and actually knows who the person really is, but nothing can be done, according to the Customer Service.

Everything started, as egmfan89 reports on his page, when he started to play Mass Effect and received a message that was sent to his little brother. A person pretending to be a Microsoft employee said in that message that he is tracking hackers and found that the teen had been "stealing Xbox Live". Even though the older brother tried to sort the things out, three more messages arrived from the same guy who called himself "Microsoft Employee #A3", and they all contained ban threats, as well as credit card problems.

A quick search for the Xbox username found a MySpace match – it was the same 14 year old bully that bothered egmfan89's brother for three years, harassing him at parties, school and phone calls. It was then when the older brother called the Xbox Live Customer Service to report the whole thing but got a strange "no-no" answer. Even though the woman on the other end of the line agreed that a minor should not be harassed online, she said that they will investigate if more people complain about the user. Of course that would be impossible, since the bully has only one target.

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Silver3603768d ago
Not to mention just block the guy. And if the bully is that bad go kick his but yourself and let his parents complain.

JsonHenry3768d ago

14 is old enough to know better. And old enough to get your ass kicked by the older brother as well.

Gaara_7243767d ago

my lil bro just cam out of an operation hes 4 and this one bully who was 11 kept hitting him and beeting him with sticks but i saw him do irt at one point and i just lost in i went over an knocked his litle ass out i mean lituarly knocked him out cold and im 15 so the police charge me but yet the couldn't do nothin about him hitting a 4 year old who just came out an operation so u know the fact he aint strong and then he can hardly move as it was they still dont charge the boy but my point is go kick this bully's ass if u actualy know who it is (im prossuming u know them in preson) kick the living sh~t out of them i dont care how old u are and what the age/streanth diffrence is he bullys youre lil bro u kick there ass i would espect my big bro (if i had one) to do the sme thing for me as i ded for my lil bro

lawman11083767d ago

I sent my first 360 back for it's SECOND RROD and they lost it. I had to find THEIR UPS tracking number(this took an hour at my local UPS store) and then call them and prove I did in fact send it back in their "coffin" I am still waiting to see what happens. After all of that I was dumb enough to buy an Elite (the Elite is the way to go BTW) anyway....Dr. Phil had some black dude on saying it was his "Civil right" to play video games and should not have people calling him the "N" word ect. the dude was like 40 yrs old. He is just looking for a pay day. If the kid knows who the kid is his mom and dad should take care of it.

Nicosia3768d ago

He could just use the block option. Also if he is harrased in real life they should do something, instead of calling xbox live.

Sayai jin3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

This story has nothing to do with Xbox Live or MS. People have issues with people everyday on online gaming. Just use the block feature. As far as the harassment at parties and such, this is a job for the parents. I would be sayig the same thing if it was PSN, because I have that service too, plus it's just that simple.

LOL people are disagreeing because they do not know anything about XBL or want to find some info about Xbox/MS to bash even if it not legit. People do the same when so called negative news is about the PS3/Sony.

Matsuiichi3768d ago

Yeah, I think this article is pointless because there's a block feature...and if the brother and parents don't know that, then maybe they should be more interested in this "Xbox...Lives? That's what it's called, right?".

Read. The. Manual.

No wonder things like this happen.

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The story is too old to be commented.