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Submitted by Mandaspt 2938d ago | screenshot

New Soul Calibur IV screenshots

Bandai Namco released new Soul Calibur IV screenshots. Enjoy. (PS3, Soulcalibur IV, Xbox 360)

Gazman  +   2938d ago
Looks good, hope it plays good
Mr_Kuwabara  +   2938d ago
Wow is that Rafael and that Seung Mina? (W/e her name is)
RecSpec  +   2938d ago
That's definitely Raphael, but I'm not sure about the girl. I think she's a new character.
Doctor Strange  +   2938d ago
The new girl name is Hilde. She has a spear and a short sword. She's looking good so far.
roybatty  +   2938d ago
Nice. The 1st images I saw of this looked kinda crap, but it has REALLY come along way. It's looking pretty slick. Let's hope it holds a steady 60 fps.

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