Treyarch gets Call of Duty 5: WWII approach

ThreeSixty Vault writes: "Treyarch the development team who brought us Call of Duty 3 will be making the next installment, and what's more is that they will be heading away from the Modern Warfare approach and slumping back to the done to death theme of WWII.

The reason behind Treyarch making CoD 5 is more than likely to fill in the gaps left by Infinity Wards development cycle. Some good will come out of this though, giving Cod 5 to Treyarch will free up Infinity Ward to make another awesome game appose to giving Cod 5 to Infinity Ward and demanding a Call of Duty game every year with mediocre results. As I mentioned earlier Treyarch are going back to the WWII theme leaving not a lot to be desired, and it seems as though we are going to have to wait untill roughly the end of 2009 for another great CoD game."

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watchman3676d ago

I will skip that one then cause those guy's do not know how to make a compatible xbox live game.

THE_JUDGE3676d ago

book even before you've been able to see the cover. Congrats tool! If XBL is so important, go play Halo. I'm interested in seeing what they can come up with to complete with IW and CoD4. They have to know they innovate and come up with something really cool and exciting.

Lifendz3675d ago

I've had my fill of WWII games. I'd much rather wait for COD6. It's not like I won't have shooters aplenty in the meantime. Resistance 2, Killzone 2, Metal Gear Solid 4, etc etc. Thanks but no thanks guys.

P.S..where the heck are all the maps and different modes Infinity Ward said they had ready to drop into COD4? I've been putting up with Bog since the game dropped and it's still there. Let's get rid of that already.

samboread3676d ago

For FUK sake why.... WWII is getting really boring.
If not WWIII why not something different.
I think I will pass on this one... sounds like another sh*t COD3

pharmd3676d ago

thank god theres enough great games comin out by the end of 08 and beginning of 09 that we can skip this and wait for COD 6 since infinity ward is already workin on it!!!

Killjoy30003676d ago

id say the only other ww2 game i might buy is brohters in arms because the combat loks pretty cool. its kinda like rsv meets cod2. but yeah thats it for me. treyarch should at least do viet nam if theyre going back to the past though

Kain813676d ago

for CoD6, but i dont know if it is Confirmed

Crazyglues3676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

Can't wait, should be amazing. Especially since COD4 is the benchmark they will be working from. And trying to exceed.

mikeslemonade3676d ago

Do you really need to ask if COD6 is in the works? They probably have a considerable amount into COD6's development already.

mighty_douche3676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )


Best FPS of 2007/8 will become worst FPS of 2009...

KZ2 and R2 for me then...

Spydiggity3676d ago

I'm still waiting for them to make ONE good game.

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The story is too old to be commented.