Microsoft claims Xbox 360 has attach rate record

Microsoft's chief financial advisor Chris Liddell has revealed that Xbox 360 owners are purchasing on average seven gamers per unit – a figure he claims is a console record. "We're now at a stage where we sell about seven games per console and that's a record certainly for any console and relative to history," commented Liddell to CNBC.

The last time Microsoft talked attach rates for the Xbox 360 was last January, where the company said the average user owned 5.3 software titles.

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meepmoopmeep3856d ago

i'm pretty sure PS2 owners own more than 7 each... are they talking about this gen only?

nn3856d ago (Edited 3856d ago )

he says that the 360 has the highest attach rate at this "time in life"(2 years old).

meepmoopmeep3856d ago

ok, must have misinterpreted it

Silver3603856d ago

With damn near 140 million consoles sold That would make the sold games be at 980 million pieces of software sold. The PS2 is cracked so piracy is rampant. Two At the $200 price range the console is purchased by casual gamers who by less games than the hardcore gamers. As for the 360 expect the attach rates to go down as more consoles are sold. Right now the 360 sells mostly to adults who can afford to buy as many games as they like, therefore the high attach rates. Remember the 360 sells mostly to the hardcore who love to buy games.

mikeslemonade3856d ago

Agreed 360 is still catering to just the hardcore that's why the attach rate is high. The Wii has a huge casual audience and part of the PS3 audience bought it for blu-ray. PS2 was able to reach the casual audience and we will see if ever the 360 will reach the casual audience.

Cryxen3856d ago

Does the 360 have ANY EXCLUSIVES? They're all on PC and until microsoft stop being microsoft they will always be on PC. For the ultimate gaming all you need is a PS3 and a good PC (Wii is ghey).

F*CK the 360, yeah i said it. F-*-C-K it.

bubbles are for teh gheys anyway lol

garypaytonglove3856d ago (Edited 3856d ago )

The PS2 as of December 14th had sold 120 million consoles and "more than" a billion software titles. That would put the attach rate at about 8.3 for the PS2. So in this case "any console and relative to history" means this current generation's systems within the last 2 years. Still quite impressive if accurate.

lawman11083856d ago

Get with the times dude. Nobody is talking about that old stuff.

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Eretik3856d ago

What, are you going to do in the nearest future except claiming different laughful achievements?
Sony is taking back your market...
Nintendo is just more profitable and popular...
It seems that there are no land for Microsoft in the modern video game industry.

pharmd3856d ago

i love the "Microsoft's chief financial advisor Chris Liddell has revealed that Xbox 360 owners are purchasing on average seven gamers per unit" gamers per unit eh, lets work on that before posting this garbage

lawman11083856d ago

For Sony. That's 2.4 MILLION more per month my man, Close THAT gap then work on the 9 million less PS3's sold and then close you troll trap.

PirateThom3856d ago (Edited 3856d ago )

Attach rates are a funny thing... I have 4 360 games (and 2 came with the console and I wouldn't have bought them as is) and really can't think of anymore worth buying, while I have 9 PS3 games and there's some I've yet to pick up.

I have more PSP games than DS games.

Hell, I have more Wii games than 360 games.

Basically, I'm wondering what games 360 owners are buying because I played the demo of Bioshock and didn't like it, hated Halo 3's single player and I have already finished Gears at a friend's house.

Edit: Who the hell disagreed? I'm seriously curious, I don't want the 360 to become like Wii and sit there unused.

Edit 2: I have a weird taste, but while everyone has been bigging up the 360s line-up last year, it just wasn't a line up for me, especially since I don't like FPS games. I think my bias for the PS3 is just because of my taste, it has the games I do like. I'd easily take Uncharted and Ratchet and Clank over Halo 3 and Bioshock, just personal opinion

I don't dislike the 360, even, but it's sad that I've bought more XBLA arcade games than actual games which I wasn't expecting.

predator3856d ago (Edited 3856d ago )

wow you mentioned 3 out of 160+ games available to buy.

I cant see how its unused. i have 3 ps3 games and 16 360 games. ive got more blu ray films than games for the must not have a wide range of games that you like

PirateThom3856d ago

I already have Mass Effect and The Orange Box on 360.

Looking at the top 20 on Metacritic, I also have Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.

Oblivion and Rainbow Six Vegas I have on PS3.

Everyone keeps saying the 360's huge AAA Line-up... where is it?! I just had a startling revelation there... I don't want any 360 games apart from Alan Wake and Splinter Cell Conviction if they fix it...

CeruleanSky3856d ago

"Alan Wake and Splinter Cell Conviction"

Both of those are pc games. This is what happens when you don't have a strong first party lineup. Microsoft only has around 3-4 first party developers now compared to around 9 for Nintendo and 20 for Sony.

You bought an Xbox3856d ago

I DISAGRE with ya
You know why cause i'm the DISAGREE BANDIT
Ha Ha
I DISAGREE with all

projectile3856d ago

You said you tried the demo of bioshock and did not like it. So did I. But the demo is not a good representation for the game. I borrowed it from a friend and the things I did not like in the demo was not in the full game. Like beeing bombarded by enemy's and flying bots. So if I where you I would give it another chance. It really has a great story.

LanRanger3855d ago

It's not ideal to compare review scores across consoles, but I think it's appropriate in this case.

Looking at Metacritic there are 24 games for the 360 not available on the PS3 with a combined review score of 85 or above. The PS3 has only five games with a score of 85 or above that are not available on the 360.

Everybody likes different games, and if you like PS3 games better that's great. It's impossible to ignore the fact that there are some quality games on the 360, though, that aren't available on other consoles (and I don't even own an Xbox).

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CeruleanSky3856d ago

All three consoles have relatively the same games sales per console.

Microsoft rushing their console to market a year before the current gen started of course has more total game sales.

Average numbers of games bought per PS3/months on the market

is roughly equal to

Average numbers of games bought per Wii/months on the market

is roughly equal to

Average numbers of games bought per 360/months on the market

McValdemar3856d ago

WII attach ratio have been in the first year about the half of 360's attach ratio in the first year.

CeruleanSky3856d ago


McValdemar, BZZZZTTT!!!

Once again for the Xbox fanboys.

Total software sales ACROSS ALL THREE REGIONS divided by time on the market is roughly the same on all three consoles.

SlippyMadFrog3856d ago

Attach rate = game units sold / consoles sold

"Microsoft rushing their console to market a year before the current gen started of course has more total game sales."
Begining early has nothing to do with attach rate since they where selling consoles as well which decreases attach rate.

"Total software sales ACROSS ALL THREE REGIONS divided by time on the market is roughly the same on all three consoles."

Can you provide some links to back up your trol statements? You are a moron! I am considering to buy a PS3 but each time I read a comment from a PS3 fanboy I'm feeling less eager to buy one.

SWORDF1SH3856d ago

but because the 360 was out a year before. a large section of 360 owners have had extra time to build up their game library. 7 games per console sold is pretty good thou

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