Dead Island & the Death of Offline Co-op

With the release of Dead Island's 'Game of the Year' edition, the issue with the game's lack of offline co-op game modes, despite being advertised on the box, has been brought up once again, along with the issue of the decline in offline multiplayer modes in new games.

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TheDivine1965d ago

No offline co-op in games like this and i wont buy them. I love a good co-op game, Gears, Resistance 3, RE5, Black Ops zombie mode, MW2 spec ops are some of my fav games because of this. I still love sp the most but co-op rocks.

godofboobees1965d ago

I bought dead island for offline co-op, i felt like a cheap whore after finding out it was online only

FarCryLover1821965d ago

Some of these games that have online co-op online probably can't run on these consoles. They would probably be too demanding to render two different characters on one screen.

CaptainPunch1965d ago

I find it lame when they don't add local co-op. Playing games co-op with your buddies is fun. I had good times playing SSBB.

Rivitur1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

Portal 2 and Borderlands 2 say hi.