The Week in Review: PES's London call-up, Zynga's stock crash and DOA5's bouncing bunny girls

As the official games of the London sporting awards get off to a flying start (trust us to piss off the Koreans before the Olympics even started), this week's gaming news has ground to a halt - a bit like London's transport links.

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specialguest2159d ago (Edited 2159d ago )

It's pretty shocking to investors how deep the Zynga stock crashed. From $4.95/share to $3.01! It looks like it happened during after hours which sucks on the grandest level, because most investors can't sell during those hours. They pretty much took the entire hit without any signs or warnings.

I've personally went through a similar crash, and it's horrifying. I lost thousands. Nearly a year later, and I still haven't recovered half of my losses yet.