OnLive is coming to OUYA, can Sony strike back with Gaikai?

PSU writes: "OnLive and Gaikai are without a doubt the two biggest players in the streaming space, so OUYA's partnership with the former is something of a direct affront to Sony. The situation is made more complicated by the fact that Sony has yet to elaborate on what their acquisition of Gaikai actually means - will we be able to stream full PS3 games on our home console? How about streaming to Vita? And what impact will Gaikai have on the next generation of PlayStation?

Sony needs to provide these answers and more to prevent OUYA's announcement from totally stealing its thunder."

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Psycho_PS3Truthh2154d ago

Sony will strike down anything within its path like lightning from heaven, Ouya combining with onlive will not even touch a hair on the PS3 console, in fact if the new PS3 is sold for $99 or $150 I am certain that ouya will perish from the corner of the earth it arrives from.

nukeitall2154d ago

I don't think anyone even cares about cloud gaming so it doesn't matter what devices it is on!

samson-12154d ago

Not yet but that could change.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2154d ago (Edited 2154d ago )

We will see. Since google just launched there (1GB/s) internet & tv service in Kansas 2days ago.. If this grows then cloud gaming will be here in a few years.

Gaikai on pc only need 8mb/s

They plan to spread across the country in 2013.

you could download a blu ray move in 1 minute.

also I like onlive better now.. Why? Onlive wants you to buy once play everywhere.

Sony wants you to buy a sony box and play on sony devices.

That is like buying a netflix box to play netflix movies. Even MS will go everywhere..

Seems only xbox is expanding..

Hanuman2154d ago

Please visit Gaikai's site. Play Crysis 2 or the witcher 2 and you'll get exited. The quality is very good and the demo's I've tried had some screen-tear issues but no big lagging problems. I'm loving it.. My laptop's GPU sucks balls but through Gaikai it's possible to play new high end games like the witcher and Crysis in beatiful quality. It's absolutaly a service that has potential for future use. I'm exited...

nukeitall2154d ago


I have played both OnLive and Gaikai, and neither is that great. Artifacts on fast moving scenes and laggy experience is pretty abound on my 18mpbs connection in California.

I do agree though that on laptops that is GPU bound it might make sense, but the opportunity to have a fast connection seems to be pretty few and far between for me.

I think with the issues, and the inherent limitation it will not take off.

I said it before, and so far it is already moving in that direction is the fact that we will get more intelligent installers that streams the assets to you. Why bother with high data rate and laggy connection with video, when you can just stream the actual assets. See MS Office 2013 for example of this awesome technology.

We are getting to the point where more horsepower results in minimal increased experience if any.

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paybackprahl2154d ago

Good to hear from you, Psycho :)

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2154d ago (Edited 2154d ago )

So in other word closed platforms and corporations ftw?

That is what I got from your speech.. It's amazing what marketing can do to our perspective.

ALLWRONG2154d ago

Sony hasn't done that great of a job striking down anything this gen. Onlive is still here and getting bigger by the year.

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Wikkid6662154d ago

Looks like 360 Metro dash

2154d ago
joab7772154d ago

It's not what this Ouya can do to's what this ideas and trend will do to gaming in general. It's a big deal to have a cheap console that can b hacked and used to make games. Online is icing on the cake that moves the Ouya a little closer to this gens consoles right now. But, if this gets popular, maybe Ouya two boasts much better specs. It is a concept that b dangerous.

ChunkyLover532154d ago

Weren't those two companies already competing against each other before any merging or buying? Its not like these companies just sprang up overnight. Gamer's didn't seem to care for either one. I've never met a single person who has either service.

clearelite2154d ago (Edited 2154d ago )

Same. I don't think I've heard a single person talk about either service in real life. Some of these articles also seem like attempts to create hype, give "cloud" gaming credibility, and make it seem more viable. It may be affective to some extent, as some people(on n4g anyway) are taking "cloud" gaming services seriously all of a sudden. It's a nice marketing word, but most still remain uninterested.

Ducky2154d ago (Edited 2154d ago )

Gaikai and OnLive weren't really competing... and they haven't really competed yet either, nor do we know if they even will be competing.

Gaikai only offered demos and was used by publishers to let people quickly try their game without having to download a large file.

OnLive on the other hand, has acted more like a digital retailer that lets you stream your games. You can still use the service to play trials of games for free if you want, but it wasn't as widespreak as gaikai's demos.

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