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Dragon's Dogma Review (PSU.com)

Tim Nunes at PSU.com breaks down the fundamentals of Dragon's Dogma while comparing it to such popular games like Skyrim, Dark Souls, and Monster Hunter while comparing and contrasting the pros and cons of Capcom's latest role-playing game. Does it have what it takes to be a console Monster Hunter? (Dragon's Dogma, PC, PS3, Xbox 360) 8/10

joab777  +   1098d ago
I have to comment because this is the same review as so many others.while an 8 isn't to far off. I would say 8.75, even while compared to the Juggernaut. It just seems that no matter what a game throws at you, if it isn't gorgeous or can't be made gorgeous with mods, it can't get above an 8.5. First off, the game isn't bad looking. The night is haunting and dark. The particle effects are beautiful and loot is well designed. I never had a problem with it's looks. The animations aren't top notch but aren't bad either.

Anyway, on to fast travel. A game finally has the balls to make u actually take part in the adventure, and it is knocked in every review. The level cap is 200 so it's good to actually have to travel to level up. There is plenty to see and find. And capcom was smart. They knew that at a certain point, it would be rediculous to make u continue to walk so they added a fast travel system with a reason behind it. By the time u get to ng +, u can fast travel anywhere.

The combat is great and with 9 different vocations, each with a different way to play, it doesn't get boring...120 hrs in and I am not bored yet. Each class is well defined with it's own skills and augments. The enemies are wonderful too, with large creatures that u can climb. Yeah, u will fight bandits and goblins, but bandits placed in the right spots with arrow skills can kill you. It's not just fodder.

The pawn system is brilliant. U can rent others players second character. Because of this, ur main pawn becomes as important or more than ur arisen. U can trade equipment with others too and u can rent pawns with previous knowledge of quests.

My favorite thing is the end game content. At the end, there are chambers with enemies can can be fought to get higher loot. And theres an online ur dragon that everyone can tackle to bring down together and it takes time. To me DD does many fantastic things and deserves to be talked about. I guess I give it a 9 now because in so many ways I am enjoying it more than I did skyrim.
UnitSmiley  +   1098d ago
Glad to see you enjoy it. I havn't played the game myself but I found that after watching a few reviews, a lot of the "flaws" the reviewers found with the game wouldn't bother me at all.
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joab777  +   1097d ago
I have found no problems that have killed the game. Yes, because of the pawn system, there is a vicious save system...1 save slot...but u can use the cloud and USB to make many saves. I had to do it once and it was fine. There's has been a few corrupted files if power goes out while saving, but again this happens with every game and if u back it up, u r fine.

But my point is that games like skyrim always get away with bugs. It never affects the review score. Many ps3 owners couldn't even play after awhile. Skyrim gets all the aesthetics right, but DD gets it right at it's RPG core, leaving satisfaction with the gamer and not the feeling of having simply taken part in a story.
shammgod  +   1098d ago
I think 8 is a good score, I would go a bit higher, but I am baffled when I see any score lower than a 7. This game does so much right and little wrong.
Clogmaster  +   1098d ago
The thing is, the nitpicking this game faces are things that mostly aren't even gamebreaking.

The core of the gameplay and mechanics are way above average. It caters to people that want to go more in depth.

Now that the foundation has been set for the game, imagining all the improvements in a sequel where they can focus even more on polishing makes me drool.

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