Tron: Eurogamer Review - 'deserves to be left dying in the gutter'

Eurogamer writes: "In the harsh light of early 2008, it's not difficult to reach the conclusion that Tron doesn't really warrant a place in the often salubrious confines of the Xbox Live Arcade. It deserved to be left dying in the gutter, begging for loose change, and is in no way a glorious representation of a fondly remembered era of classic arcade gaming. It's a clunky, somewhat charming period piece that's interesting for five minutes if you have childhood associations with it, but, for everyone else, it isn't even worth going beyond the free trial version. Trust me on this."

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Close_Second3826d ago the list of some of the digital junk thats porned off on XBLA. Don't get me wrong, there are some real gems on XBLA (e.g. Geometry Wars, Pac-Man: CE, etc) but most of the games are just pure and simple crap.

I still think that most XBLA games are overpriced. I also wish they would let you enter initials into high-score charts and not just default to your XBL username. Makes for more fun when you're trying to beat other players who live at the same address as you (i.e. my kids!).