C&C Tiberium video: Gameplay and new details unveiled

Earlier this month, you guys will probably remember seeing Electronic Art's very first trailer for their upcoming Command and Conquer: Tiberium FPS for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. The video provided us with glimpse of how Ricardo Vega and his accompanying combat rifle are going to look. Now, how'd you like to see them in action in some actual combat footage?

We've managed to grab a copy of GameTrailer TV's' recent Tiberium preview vid, with Geoff Keighley (the dude who was on Fox News) on-site to conduct an interview with EA's dev team. Details discussed include a brief backgrounder on GDI's Vega, his rifle's various function (can you say mini Ion Cannon?), and team controls.

That aside, you guys will also be treated to what looks like footage of Tiberium's gameplay. If you can spare 10 minutes worth of your time, the video awaits your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

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Forbidden_Darkness3676d ago


well my wallet is going to be feeling pretty empty this year...

i best get some more hours in...

urban bohemian3676d ago

IMO it looked really generic. Lost the live action from C&C that was good.

Its just another fps that hopes to sell due to the popularity of the IP. Hopefully they make something special out of it otherwise all the fans will be pi$$ed.

eddierivera3676d ago

After all the good fps coming out, I could never accept crap like this out of a game. I would rather play regular NES