Reeves Interview: PlayStation Network has surprised us

Huge numbers sign up to online service, outstripping SCEE expectations: SCEE president and CEO David Reeves has told MCV that both user registrations and online purchases through PlayStation Network are ahead of SCEE's expectations.

"One thing that has surprised us is in the Network purchases and the general level of interest that has been shown around the Network business," he said.

"We've gone from zero to almost double-digit millions in terms of what people have purchased in euros.

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fusionboxer3737d ago

Well the article is talking more so about the profits and purchases made in PSN more so then the amount of users online. Sony is actually surprised at how many people purchase things and if your in the US and have a japanese account you can't actually purchase anything in the store unless you have a japanese ps card or have a japanese credit card.

So yea it is pretty impressive overall.

meepmoopmeep3737d ago

the PSN downloadable games are pretty amazing and addictive... i hope they continue to bring more innovative fun and quirky games onto PSN

Horza_gobuchul3737d ago

This is a post from my blog i wrote a few days ago, seemed appropriate to post it here.

If you take the time to read some forum posts, most people have multiple accounts on psn for downloading from each territories store. This is done because, while some demo's are released in all areas at the same time, most are just released in one or two specific regions at a time.

For example Ninja Gaiden sigma came to the USA store two months before the European. Ratchet and Clank and Uncharted similarly so, though the delay may have been less. To get round this, fevered gamers not prepared to wait are making more than one playstation network account in the required territory. This seems to only require a valid post code for the region to work. So far so good, no harm done.

Indeed, there is never any real harm done here, but is it a sales pitch? Are Sony counting each account as a separate person in their numbers for amount of users on psn. If so we can probably half the number of users for a more accurate statistic of total conscious human users on the psn.

It does seems that Sony are actually trying to foster this practice so that they can claim a larger amount of users than there are to use as a bargaining chip then they talk about xbox live. We have x million users in our first year, xbox live had x million less in it's first year etc. How do Sony seemingly unwittingly foster this, they release demos in differing territories and then wait weeks before releasing them to the others, why?

The only reason can be localisation, now i understand that for Europe this can be a headache, surely a multinational with the resources of Sony can help the game developers of their biggest franchises to do this quicker so that demo's can be released simultaneously in each store.

From my own point of view there is no excuse for delaying from the Us to the Uk, we both speak the same language after all. Hell give the rest of europe the choice to download the english only version early if they want most Europeans can speak english better than I can as their second language.

Sony have the power to see where a playstation is in the world when it's online, they can close the loophole that allows you to make multiple accounts. If they actually didn't want you to be able to do it then you can be certain it would be harder to do.

So there is my point, maybe at the start it was just something they never thought of, and then they saw it. Picture the scene, two guys deep in Sony HQ staring at their server's screens.

Admin: "Look, that guy from Europe just made a usa account?"
Boss: "What did he do that for, never knew you could!"
Admin: "He's getting that demo for ninja gaiden from the store."
Boss: "Send in the lawyers!"
Admin: "Hang on the demo is free."
Boss: "Oh, ok, hang on a second, so he now has two accounts?"
Admin: "Yes, two accounts, one person."
Boss: "That means we can say that the number of users on psn is higher than it is
Admin: "I suppose so, look, when I search there are hundreds of people doing it, also for the Japanese territories too."
Boss: "Tell no one, i have to go and revise the demo release schedules, ha ha ha."

There they have it, a loophole generated by their users that they can legitimately use as a claim for user number figures and have deniability when someone calls them on it.

PirateThom3737d ago

The only problem with that is that the account is if you're in Europe and make a US account, all you're doing is inflating US PSN numbers since the account will be registered to a US address.

I don't think it works like that anyway, I'm sure they take 1 console = 1 account as a whole, just for the sake of their numbers, using IP addresses and/or MAC addresses on the PS3.

ravinash3737d ago

I'm sure Sony would wonder what was up when there are more accounts on PSN that there have been PS3s sold.
I'm sure they know this happens, I'd expect they can track the serial code of each PS3 otherwise how could they ban users who abuse the would work if that person could just make another account and log on again.

nix3737d ago

i'm sure, just like the IP address, every PS3 has unique number to identify each and every PS3 no matter how many accounts the user makes.

otherwise it would be stupid from sony's side to encourage (or at least openly talk) about multiple accounts because it's obvious everyone will point the finger and blast sony for it.

i have US account (he he... thanks 90210 for the pin-code) though i live in asia pacific. i need to make UK account too because i want to download PES demo... anyone who knows the queen's address? q:

Horza_gobuchul3737d ago

To PirateThom,
You are probably right, I don't know, i am really just asking the question, I don't ever expect an answer. They most likely do know which accounts belong to which console through the mac address. I just wonder if they choose to use the user accounts or mac addresses of ps3's online to base their figures on.

To ravinash,
I am sure they know too, as above i wonder if they choose to turn a blind eye for the sake of figure inflation.

Thank you both for a nice reply, this was my first post on N4G and I don't want to come over as a fanboy, because I am far from one. Well I am a games fanboy, not a particular system fanboy.

ravinash3737d ago

Sounds like your doing fine.

As for the number of accounts, whats important to sony is the number of accounts of people buying products from them.
So if a user has a US and a UK account, chances are they only buy software from one of these accounts and uses the other for getting demos that weren't on their first site.
But with the PSN network being free to join, I expect the total number of PS3 owners who have Broadband access to be very high.

diatom3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

The 33 Million Euro's in revinue shows that some of those accounts are real as US credit cards dont work in the Euro store (Unless you are very very sneaky).

PS Horza: Iain Banks Rules :)

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zZ Lazy Zz3737d ago

The content on the European Network is dismal (just so I don't confuse any Americans reading this, that's another word for 'suck'). The Japanese, US, Hong Kong, and even the Australian stores have better content. I'm even tempted to say the Saudi store has better content but it's actually the same as the UK. The same can also be said of Marketplace. Don't they want our disposable income?
Best wishes

lesferdinand3737d ago

However, it's probably the worst off of all the stores. I wonder about the explanation. Of course all the different languages in Europe don't help but you would expect MS to have the same problem. I don't know how they deal with this. Do they launch everything globally? If so, that probably means the US version actually gets postponed to launch together with the multi-language European version. And that sucks from a US POV and is not the most efficient way of doing things from a business perspective (the sooner you earn cash the better, products (even digital ones) lying on the shelf cost money too).

So I don't really mind getting stuff later in Europe (you can't really blame Sony for the fact we speak so many languages over here) but I would like some better communication around release dates of multi-region titles.

nix3737d ago

if i have a US account, can i add another player who's got a UK account and even play online with him/her?

rofldings3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

Yes, you can add any friend regardless of region.

I've played Warhawk/COD4/Burnout/etc with some European friends.

Iron Man 23737d ago

Yes you can,I am from North America and I have a couple of European friends myself(around 5 or so);)

nix3737d ago

in that case do add me - nixxerman. q:

RecSpec3737d ago

Unfortunately due to the genius move by Infinity Ward, people in the US can't play with people in Europe anymore

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