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Pregnant & Bored, I Picked Up Modern Warfare 2 & Never Looked Back

Girls don’t like things they can’t understand. That’s why most girls don’t play video games. Anything past simple button combinations throws most girls, right off the bat. Now, I must say, when I first started playing first person shooter games, all I could basically do was look at the ground, and throw grenades. That was about 3 years ago. My husband would have friends over, and they would sit and play Call of Duty for hours. I just didn’t understand the appeal. I couldn’t wrap my head around how someone could sit there for so long just pressing buttons on a controller. Then, one day, I realized there was so much more to it that that. (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Culture, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Emilio_Estevez  +   1073d ago
"I have an (idiot) fabulous husband" - that's me, lol

The idiot is supposed to be crossed out.


She has recently started playing some other games too, tried Darkness 2 last night.
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X-Factor  +   1073d ago
HAHA. It is!

I don't understand women. At least not fully. And that's ok. I don't think I'm meant to. Just like my girl doesn't always get me.

But reading this article I felt as though I was looking into the mind of the opposite sex.

More importantly, I felt like I was peeking into the soul of a kindred spirit.

One that is on the surface vastly different than me, but in reality, I share a lot with.

Great read, for those that don't have a short attention span.
ChickeyCantor  +   1073d ago
"I don't understand women. At least not fully. And that's ok. I don't think I'm meant to. Just like my girl doesn't always get me.

It's not you, it's them. They assume that you understand them 100%. They don't tell you how they feel. They assume you know. They are machines of drama.
guitarded77  +   1073d ago
Sending this post to my wife... maybe she'll play video games with me too. She has tried, she always ends up staring at the sky spinning in circles in FPS's. She does love her tablet I bought her though. Se plays puzzle games on there. She did steal my Vita the other day too. Maybe she's slowly adapting.
Christopher  +   1073d ago
Why do women refer to themselves as girls?
SilentNegotiator  +   1073d ago
To feel less old.
KiRBY3000  +   1073d ago
same reason men refer to themselves as dudes?
Christopher  +   1073d ago
A dude isn't a young male person. The equivalent to girl is boy. I would never refer to myself as such and I'm sure most would take it offensively if I called them that, even if they were 17 years of age or younger.

Furthermore, most women I've met get offended when you call them a girl unless as part of a joke. Perhaps it's my feeling that a woman should be proud to be a woman or I'm just not with it, but it always stands out to me that the majority of 'women gamer' articles tend to call themselves girls.

I guess it could be a want to remain youthful, but I don't really understand that either.
GarandShooter  +   1073d ago
Really? You've never referred to spending time with friends as hanging out with the boys? Or heard an adult male refer to one of his close adult male friends as his boy? Or good ole boys?

Now I'm curious as to why one would take offense to being referred to as such? Seems like something so petty to get upset over, and I mean no disrespect as I realize different cultures have different values as to socially acceptable speech.

Maybe it's regional. Do you have cowboys or bellboys in your part of the world? Are they known by different names, and if not do they take offense at the boy part?

Quite interesting.
Christopher  +   1073d ago
***Really? You've never referred to spending time with friends as hanging out with the boys?***

No, it's the guys. Even when I was a kid, it was the guys.

***Or heard an adult male refer to one of his close adult male friends as his boy?***

Only as slang, typically urban slang. This is along with homies, dawgs, etc. You also hear it in reference to mobsters or cops movies, again as slang.

***Or good ole boys?***

Not since Dukes of Hazzard was on TV.

***Now I'm curious as to why one would take offense to being referred to as such?***

Because most feel that being called a "boy" is equivalent to someone saying they're not a "man" or referring to them as a lesser person. From a white person to a black person, it is especially the latter and dates back to slavery and how were derogatorily called "boys" and never "men".

***Maybe it's regional.***



Having said that, when do you call yourself a boy in your writing or when talking to others? The question was about a woman calling herself a girl, not others calling her a girl.
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SilentNegotiator  +   1073d ago
You know what men refer to their friends and themselves as "dudes" and "boys"?


lol, at least regionally.
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catch  +   1073d ago
Actually you pretty much hit the nail on the head about men being called boys. It is largely because we live in a patriarchy where women are infantilized as part of an unintentional or otherwise means of making them feel unequal.

Also, "gals" just never really caught on.
Psycho_Mantis  +   1072d ago
Well you could look at it another way like say for example: A co worker whos about 40-ish sometimes tells me, "Hey kid, i need you to help me with this." It means that im still young, 22. And i guess when you reach your peak age or your no longer in your 20's i guess then people dont really call you that anymore. Its one way to look at it when someone thinks your still young. And i kind of like it like that since i rather not be called "Old".... >_>
ElitaStorm   1073d ago | Immature | show
pixelsword  +   1073d ago
I knew this girl and we used to go rounds and rounds playing Street Fighter. She was pretty good, but I'd whip her most of the time. She would always get Chun-Li. I'm not saying she was good for a girl but she was really good for a player. Not to brag, but before I stopped playing Street Fighter I won a city-wide competition; so I'm actually complimenting her. I wish I got to know her better, but we had a little joke of a rivalry going on.
Dee_91  +   1072d ago
its YOU!!!!!!
making my 25-4 useless
I always wondered why people who suck so bad play this game.Now I know .... its pregnant chicks!
good read :)
PokemonMasta619   1073d ago | Spam
wages of sin  +   1073d ago
This is a very good read.

Is that really called for? Age not shoe size.
bakagaijin78  +   1073d ago
This is exactly how I got back into video games... getting pregnant.

Growing up I put so many hours into video games. I still remember saving up my money for MONTHS just so I could by the original Final Fantasy on NES when it came out (cost around $90 at the time).

But then, near the end of high school, I stopped gaming because school work & hanging out with my friends were more important things in my life. Then I got married (young, at age 19) and then I got pregnant the same year. I was bored, so decided to pick up a new Playstation (the original system) and Final Fantasy VII.

15 years later and I still play video games regularly. My daughter (now 14) plays too and I love that we have that in common. My husband even plays now and then, but in our relationship its him who doesn't quite understand my enthusiasm for gaming. :)
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KING85  +   1073d ago
Good read . The only game I've seen my gf remotely interested in recently was heavy rain. It was nice to get her involved.
Emilio_Estevez  +   1073d ago
She actually played that too.... Unfortunately she got the worst possible outcome, everyone died and the killer got away. At the electric fence part, she took the door to leave at the very beginning.
Tacklebait  +   1073d ago
That was my attempt with my lady. She played it for 4 hours... loved it but didn't have the urge to try it out again. Its not one of her ideas of things to do when she has free time.

Sims 3 and roller coaster tycoon are honorable mentions. Yet short lived... again.
X-Factor  +   1073d ago
My sister started her Gaming career with Fable 2.

It was awesome to spend time together with her and my brother in law. Later she moved over to Borderlands and Fable 3.

This is why I am looking forward to Borderlands 2 so much. Once again my sister and brother in law will be able to all get together and play as a family...

It's Priceless really.
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Patriots_Pride  +   1073d ago
Cool story bro...almost cried.
SITH  +   1072d ago
Damnit, you beat me by eleven hours.

So close!
Coltrane_C  +   1073d ago
Pregant? Is that slang or are you retarded?
X-Factor  +   1073d ago
LOL! Nah man. This was written by a female.
Pregnant = Pregnant

Pregnant does not equal Retarded.

Oh wait. pregant... it's mispelled!!!!


That's what happens when you let a man handle the simple task of Adding the title.
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Coltrane_C  +   1073d ago
lmao im just busting your balls
Tzuno  +   1073d ago
Wtf????really??? N4G... pregnant women??? lol double LOL.
lizard81288  +   1073d ago
Why does every Girl Gamer have to say they play CoD?
Why does every Girl Gamer have to say they play CoD? There are more games than that. It feels like it is your parents trying to talk the hip lingo the kids use these days.


Related image(s)
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pixelsword  +   1073d ago
Because CoD is so simple even a caveman can pwn it.
FragMnTagM  +   1073d ago
I love my wife. She doesn't play hand holding FPS like CoD.

She plays hardcore shooters with me like BF3, TF2, all the Halo's, and so on. Games that actually require skill.

We both have our own XBOX and gaming PC's. We play Crysis Wars, Company of Heroes, Entropia Universe, and many other games.

I would be a sad man if my wife only wanted to play CoD.

She actually does better than me sometimes, I taught her well.

To top it all off, she will take a break to make me a sammich.
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Tonester925  +   1073d ago
FragMnTagM  +   1073d ago
You must be crazy, try playing against a top level Halo player and you will get pwned so hard, you won't know what to do.

I have beaten a lot of "skilled" CoD players easily. The game is so unblanced and easy that nearly anyone can get a respectable K/D on it. Hiding in corners and dashboarding when you don't like your K/D in any given match makes CoD one of the easiest shooter games of this generation.
Tonester925  +   1073d ago
Where did COD come from? Lol

And I was a huge Halo 3 player with good stats. It's the same as COD. My brother, who occasionally plays video games, played Halo with me a few times and was the top 4 players on a few matches. Same on COD.

He gets scraped in Battlefield 3 though. You need skill for that.
DrNikki  +   1073d ago
The piece isn't about Call of Duty. It's about rediscovering something that you enjoy,and having it have a new meaning in your life. Whether that be a closeness with your partner, or just an old childhood pastime that you can now enjoy again as an adult, in a new way.
And yes, I play other games besides Call of Duty. :)
lizard81288  +   1073d ago
Thats good, lol. It just seems Girl Gamers are quick to say the play CoD like the guys do.
NeoTribe   1073d ago | Immature | show
DrNikki  +   1073d ago
What game was your mother playing when she was pregnant with you, exactly?
_Aarix_  +   1072d ago
Rocketnight adventure and phantasy star. I love my mom, shes a really good gears of war player and rank 30 in halo 3
Shotcalm  +   1073d ago
super important news you guys.....read carefully, you might miss something.
DrNikki  +   1073d ago
It's filed under Articles/Opinion. If you want news, you have to click on the tab that says...wait for it...'news'. :)
skyblue14213  +   1072d ago
You want a good fps(s) try the time splitters series, it is for ps2 though(unless you have a fully backwards compatible ps3 or just a ps2).

It is a fun series and you can even make your own custom levels/maps. The series was from a company called free radical in which the company is/was composed of ex-rare(another game company) staff that were responsible in creating the original and legendary golden eye 007 and perfect dark games(+ other good games).

I highly recommend the time splitters series if you want something original, creative, fresh, and fun to play. You won't be disappointed. But don't take my word for it, watch some video reviews of any of the time splitters games on youtube and and see what the time splitters series of games are about.
Them_Bones  +   1073d ago
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Sucitta  +   1073d ago
stop wasting your time lil lady, go purchase Battlefield = )
WeskerChildReborned  +   1073d ago
MW3 would have to be my least favorite COD out of the whole series.
Fateful_Knight  +   1073d ago
You're lucky, my wife only plays free flash games on Facebook. Her only objective is to beat the scores of her friends. The game itself doesn't matter, it's all about that one trite, meaningless objective. Truly sad.
Dragonfodder  +   1073d ago
"Girls don't like things they can't understand."

What a ridiculous statement... It may be true of some women but the author really shouldn't be generalizing in that manner, especially since she's referring to her own gender.
-Gespenst-  +   1073d ago
Just hope she's not addicted when that kid's born.
007Bond  +   1073d ago
How unfortunate.
FarCryLover182  +   1073d ago
Please, play other games and enrich yourself with other titles. There are plenty of puzzle games, other shooters, platformers, adventure games, etc. that you would enjoy. Don't just play COD because its popular.

I remember in 2007 when COD 4 came out, my female cousin in college was talking about her boyfriends playing it and she referred to it as "CLOD". Like a dirt clod.
Unlimax  +   1072d ago
Why is This happening "facepalm" !!?
KwietStorm  +   1072d ago
Damn she's pregnant and still has no ass.
Sucitta   1072d ago | Offensive
Psycho_Mantis  +   1072d ago
And speaking of this story, i dont know weather to find it sexy or just plain strange... 0_o
Omnislash  +   1072d ago
I didn't know pregnancy gave women bad taste in gaming...
badvlad  +   1072d ago
WOw whu give a F***
jc48573  +   1072d ago
just don't be ashamed to be playing games at age 40 or even 50s.

Edit: Heck, forever gaming!
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badvlad  +   1072d ago
just remember to work out
jc48573  +   1072d ago
I do work out.
TheDivine  +   1072d ago
My girl likes simple stuff like COD, facebook games, and tablet stuff. I did get her into persona 3 portable. She liked it cause she got to play as a girl and all the friendship stuff you could do. She also loves playing Uncharted 2 and really got into Alan Wake and Heavy Rain by watching me play them (watched me beat alan wake in 2 days we were so into the story and wanted to see what happened). Those are more cinematic and story based so theyre def fun to just watch and see the story unfold.

Women are like men, we all have different tastes, some like gaming some dont. I think its def aimed at males though which is why there seems to be a barrier to some people. Mobile gaming and facebook gaming is good for tearing down the barrier and (hopefully) getting more people interested in gaming.
Moentjers  +   1072d ago
My gf: Uncharted series and red dead redemption (really !).

She's now playing Disney Universe with the oldest one (4+). That's why I'm waiting for a new PS3 to come out... to have my own machine again.
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