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Submitted by stecarter91 1288d ago | opinion piece

Who turned the industry into a sausage festival?

Non Specific Action take a look at why gamers have become accustomed to male dominance in the games industry. (Industry, PS3, Tomb Raider, WET, Xbox 360)

INehalemEXI  +   1288d ago
Those who came with sausage...
Patriots_Pride  +   1288d ago
I get banned for 2 weeks for saying sausage fest in a sentence but its ok for an article to have it as a headline.

WTF mods.
Bathyj  +   1288d ago
ooo ooo, he said it again!!
Ben_Grimm  +   1288d ago
The germans.
adorie  +   1288d ago
AHEM. That's Frankfurter to you, sir.
Ben_Grimm  +   1288d ago
German jokes are the wurst!
Bathyj  +   1288d ago
ha, yeah they leave a real sourkraut in your mouth.

ExPresident  +   1288d ago
I read this article and don't really see the point. I mean, I understand the idea and I really don't care if the game is led by a female or not if its a good game, so maybe the article isn't aimed toward me but again, I don't see the point.

Tomb Raider - At the end of the article he points out how it should be praised and made an example of. It has, it's an extremely popular game title that has made it through several generations of consoles now, which shows it is praised and accepted by gamers.

The fact is more men play games than women currently and therefor it makes sense the games are sold with that in mind. If its a good game it'll make the cut, ie Tomb Raider, or ME3, or the new Lollipop Chainsaw game or w/e, or any of the recently amazing RPG titles such as Oblivion or Fallout where you could create a male or female lead character.

When more women are buying games and voicing their opinions to see more games with female lead characters I think we'll see that, but no, I'm not gonna email DICE and request that a female fill the lead role in the next Battlefield. Will I play Tomb Raider when its out? Yes, yes I will.
Xander-RKoS  +   1288d ago
Men and women game at about a 50% split. Women just aren't the kinds of people buying sports games and shooter games.

The real problem is that the game industry is still made up of mostly men.

You can read this and get a lot of information:
WeskerChildReborned  +   1288d ago
I come across alot more men than i do women so i don't think that's right.
FragGen  +   1288d ago
There is a huge difference between gamers (the people who drop major money on high end gaming hardware and AAA titles) and people who do or have periodically played games. As a lifelong "gamer" it is my personal suspicion that any data that says it is an even split is painting way too broad a stroke with the data.

It's like claiming everyone who drives a car is a car enthusiast.
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DragonKnight  +   1288d ago
Stephen: "Hey Joe, I have an idea for an article. What if we talk about how there aren't enough girls in games?"

Joe: "You mean like the 50 articles that have already been done about this in the past 2 weeks ever since that one lady decided to make a project called Tropes vs Videogames?"

Stephen: "Oh really? That many huh? Well, I mean I haven't spoken about it yet. So maybe people want to hear my take on the situation."

Joe: "You're a guy bro, and this issue is being beaten repeatedly like the proverbial dead horse."

Stephen: "But I wanna get it in on this too. There aren't enough women in gaaaaaaames."

Joe: "You haven't played many games lately have you? Do you really think people need to hear, again, about how someone thinks there aren't enough women in games despite evidence to the contrary?"


Joe: "But, they have been. Over and over and over and over. And there are plenty of games with strong female leads."

Stephen: "But their sales are awful. We can't let games with female characters sell badly, it's sexist."

Joe: "Did you ever consider the fact that the games might suck or be released at a bad time of the year against heavy competition?"


Joe: *sigh* "Whatever, if you want to bore our readers with yet another article about this, far be it from me to dissuade you."

Stephen: *jumping up and down in a giddy fashion* "YAAAAAY!"

The preceeding was a gross exaggeration of what has been happening lately. Blind bloggers and pseudo-journalists ignoring facts to either gain favor with their significant female other, or protray themselves as being "sensitive" and then going home and playing Dead or Alive while drool trickles from their mouths. I should get people to make a list of all the strong female leads in gaming as proof that they exist and aren't as few as people think. But if I did that then someone would inevitably say "and look how many male leads there are" or "and look at what those women are wearing" and it wouldn't matter how many women there were anymore. It's an unwinnable situation until all developers stop making male lead characters until the amount of female leads catches up. And those female leads all have to be as average as possible or else their appearance will be criticized. They also can't be vulnerable in any way, or in need of any help, or they will be criticized for being weak.

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Them_Bones  +   1288d ago
Bro that is one hell of a cool story!
stecarter91  +   1288d ago
Im glad you enjoyed my article! Part 2 will be sent to you personally. Direct me your address and we can sort something out ;-)
MWH  +   1288d ago
yep, i decided to read this instead too.
2pacalypsenow  +   1288d ago
the fact that girls called kids who gamed nerd ,and now that that they play zombies in COD and angry birds they are now gamers??? lol
TopDudeMan  +   1288d ago
It always was, usually. Girls historically (used to) do other stuff that was considered more feminine. Now, though, it isn't so bad and anyone can be a gamer; old, young, fat, skinny, male, female - everyone. We're one big, happy, extremely difficult to please family.
-Gespenst-  +   1288d ago
Insecure guys who play games and who are scared of girls.

There are very few games with actual strong female leads, and a lot of them end up being subordinated. I'm thinking Samus Aran, Lightning answering to Amodar and many more. It seems there's always ultimately a patriarchal figure.
smashcrashbash  +   1288d ago
I personally don't see why they can't have more females. Do people feel threatened by a different gender or race being the protagonist? People always say 'it doesn't matter'. Well if it doesn't matter then why not do it then? People have already taken the plunge many times letting a female be a big part of the main game. So why is the reluctance still there? Lara is considered one of the greats as game characters go, so what is the sudden 'males will not be able to relate to the character if they are female.' and excuses like that? Are you telling me you can't relate to a person's plight or emotions or problems or situation because they are female? So I assume that people who think like this couldn't read Wizard of Oz or Alice in Wonderland and relate to their situations because they were young girls?
madjedi  +   1288d ago
Will every conceited moral crusader, stop trying to dictate how everyone else should think or act.

Tell you what when, every other industry decides to "grow up", then i'll listen.

Lol at wet being a good game, i can easily think of 5 or 6 better female characters than her.

As much as you people bitch and moan you would think every game is doa style ridiculously sized breasts on all female characters.

Life is too short to worry about, stupid things.

"Who turned the industry into a sausage festival?" The better question is who swapped out all you journalists regular medication with estrogen pills?

You the only thing this repeated lectures and nagging does is, turn off the average gamer, the people who don't give a rats ass about politics or social.

The people that play games to have fun, not the jackasses dictating to us, what we believe is wrong or sexist. And it is all our personal responsibility to stamp out or change whatever social dilemma of the month is stuck up, whatever random crusaders ass atm.

Can we get a gamers bill of rights - the right to enjoy your game with an drama queen lecturing you on how it is representative of blah blah blah that is wrong today with our society or industry.
gk07  +   1288d ago
that title kills me lmao
madjedi  +   1288d ago
@ Gespenst Right because typically in any reality everyone has a superior and is a subordinate to them(who would have thunk it), and it's a 50/50 chance of it being male or female.

Considering a majority of murders, manics and monsters we fight in a games are males. You know the scum of video games.

Why don't you and the author join forces and write another captivating article on the blantant sexism of the severe lack of female villains compared to their male counterparts.

After all it isn't right that, the most depraved, ruthless, murderous and horrific crimes/actions committed in all the various game worlds, should be exclusive to the boys club.
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