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Farming Simulator 2013 Coming To Xbox 360 & PS3

FanCensus says: "Hold on to your straw hats everyone as the Farming Simulator series is now heading to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 Q1 2013." (Farming Simulator 2013, PS3, Xbox 360)

Stuart5756  +   918d ago
Day 1
ddurand1  +   918d ago
RedSoakedSponge  +   918d ago
quite possibly the greatest moment in gaming history!
LiamDirish  +   918d ago
I'm always looking for something different to play
chasegarcia  +   918d ago
I hope this game is good.
feeler103  +   918d ago
Does this mean we get to hire some illegal immigrants and boss them around ?
dazreah  +   918d ago
OMG wonder who will get the best version!!!
Perjoss  +   918d ago
Will I be able to grow my own marijuana plantation and then collect it all in a combine harvester?
PokemonMasta619   918d ago | Spam
DudeJets  +   918d ago
Can't wait! This game is going to be amazing
AntoineDcoolette  +   918d ago
I just SOILed myself with excitement.
brandonb21  +   918d ago
for those who dont know farming simulator is a pretty big game as fair as the community with lots of mods for pc just look at http://www.ls-uk.info/ but i doubt ps3 and 360 will be mod able
AusRogo  +   918d ago
Oh shit when's it up for pre order? Collectors edition?? Lol but seriously, this game looks AMAZING, CAN'T WAIT! /S .. lol
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MySwordIsHeavenly  +   918d ago
I have Farming Simulator 2012 for PC. It's not very fun without mods though. :/ That's the only reason I bought it.
CanadianTurtle  +   918d ago
Yo shut up guys, this is obviously GOTY material
specialguest  +   918d ago
It would be very interesting if there was a mod where you get to grow marijuana, all different types. The gameplay consist of searching for a good hidden location deep in the woods, construct a makeshift watering system, evade police helicopters, camouflage your temporary camp, make frequent visits to your crop without being detected, harvesting your crop, and most importantly, not get caught.
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ninjagoat  +   918d ago
The sheep are in for a bad time :D.
NastyLeftHook0  +   918d ago
Breadcrab  +   917d ago
Pre-order at Gamestop to get the exclusive cattle herding mission and early access to the golden tractor.

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