Sex, Blood, and Christianity in Bayonetta

BT writes: Platinum Games’ Bayonetta is a title as famous for its quality as it is infamous for its sexuality. The eponymous heroine has been called a shallow, sexist, and pandering object for the benefit of the “presumed straight male audience,” and it’s hard to argue differently. Comments by its director, Hideki Kamiya, and the questionable advertising campaign don’t do much to paint the content in a different light either. However, I think there’s more to both the titular witch and her game.

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lastdual2125d ago

Bizarre uses of Christian imagery is nothing new to Japan. Just look at Neon Genesis Evangelion.

samson-12125d ago

I actually loved this game. It was very underrated and had one of the best combo systems i've ever seen. Platinum Games is a good studio. can't wait to play Metal Gear Rising.

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