80GB PS3 dead, 120-160GB with DualShock 3 is Coming

arstechnica: Our inside source of all things video gaming has been right almost every time it comes out of the shadows to give us information, so I'm going to dispense with the back story. Wherever his or her information is coming from, it's usually solid. After I spoke to Sony about the possible discontinuation of the 80GB PS3 model, I lit the mole-signal.

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Blasphemy3801d ago

I can't see myself approving this I just find this hard to believe.

mikeslemonade3801d ago

I see this happening and this will once again cannabilize the 40gb sales. You want the 40gb sku to be hyped so casual people can say "oh I can buy a PS3 for $400". Not "40gb is gimped so you have to buy the 100+gb sku". The 40gb will die soon especially if they don't include the DS3 with that sku.

fusionboxer3801d ago

Mostly @srun4,

You have to look at it this way. Consumers need choices to help them make choices if that makes any sense. By having the 40gb sku at the low price of 400 dollars, Sony can instantly say the ps3 is only $400 dollars on all it's billboards and magazine ads. Now when someone goes to actually buy this 40gb ps3 they see that the cheaper version has far less features then the "superior", but slightly more expensive version.

The customer then realizes pretty quickly that if i spend a mere 100 dollars more i can get a free game (60$), built in wifi ($50+), more usb ports (um), ps2 backwards compatibility (priceless)), double the hard drive space ($50+) and just a host of other features that would cost them more if they were to pay for them separately.

When the consumer ends up buying the "better" version they see it like they got a great deal walking out of the store. It's actually a good business plan when you think about it, which is why the 80gb sku did better NPD wise.

BobDog3801d ago (Edited 3801d ago )

i ready have a 250gig hardrive =D

SCThor3801d ago

the 40GB model has wi-fi built in.

pharmd3801d ago

watch for the 40 gig to get a GT prologue bundle, if they do that they'll keep it at its regular price til at least mid to late summer but as long as they start packaging it w/ DS3 i don't mind this at all, I still have the 60 gig that i got on 11/17/06 and its as solid as ever

barom3800d ago

hahah i loved this part.

"I'm just trying to get to the bottom of Sony's plans for their hardware so my readers can decide whether or not they should buy now, or hold off. But I'm only one man,"

stunt2133800d ago

WTF???? a new SKU again??? i love my ps3 but seriously sony needs tp stop making new sku

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LightningPS33801d ago

price is what matters, lower it.

Hatchetforce3801d ago (Edited 3801d ago )

You must be talking to MS. Because if you knew how to add and subtract you would realize you have been had and the 360 is more expensive. People like you are just happy meals with legs for companies like Microsoft. It must suck to be a fat little fish in the shark tank.

Here, this should help:

SoulReaper3800d ago

Don't matter to me i have the 60GB and its really cheap to upgrade..The 360 is always gimped and if you want a bigger storage you to spend 200 dollars and up..

All i want is the DualShock 3 and im happy..

Hydrollex3801d ago (Edited 3801d ago )

Sorry you poor 360 fans. Microsoft sells you more Xbox 360s with a good price but Sony sells you 1 PS3 that never gets 3 RED RINGS OF DEATH and the price is just PERFECT !

When you buy a 360, you have to think about saving money for the next 360 because soon youll get the 3 Red Rings Of damn DEATH
Edit: lol Free is perfect ? we are living in 2007 which costs 50cents to use a public toilet.

sticky doja3801d ago

The only perfect console price is FREE. Until then I want a price drop. Price drop = more owners = more games = better quality games = happy me.

PR0NE3801d ago

my adsl connection box is named FREE (FREEBOX), are you talking about it? well it is actually amazing but it doesn't play games :d :d :p

Rocko3801d ago (Edited 3801d ago )


EDIT: LOL, I got an agree for a period.