Halo 4: A new enemy awakens... it's about time!

Planet Ivy looks into the new enemy, of one of the most eagerly-anticipated games of all-time.

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chrisyoung04222092d ago

Good story. I cannot wait for this game to come out.

cuddlemonkey2092d ago

I'm all over this game don't get me wrong, I've ordered it and will love it however these new enemies aren't cuddly like the grunts, they are soooo cute, well maybe the new ones are cute after all, yay for me.

Convas2092d ago

What is up with you and cuddling man? These are videos games son, not cuddle time on Nick Jr.

cuddlemonkey2092d ago

No wonder you have only 2 bubbles, that 2nd one won't last long with that attitude! Bubble down for you son!

VitaOwner2092d ago

Can't wait to play this on xbox live. My Vita will probably be neglected when this comes out lol

BelieveinGhosts2092d ago

Does anyone know if Microsoft provide a free Xbox live subscription when you purchase a new Xbox 360 console?

i have not played on my xbox 360 in years and would like to pick up a new slim xbox 360 model if they come with an Xbox live subscription. Similar to how sony give free PSN included in some new PS3 consoles

QuantumWake2092d ago

I believe that new 360 consoles come with a free 1-month trial.

SixZeroFour2091d ago

from what i understand (cause i never used it) when you create a new gamertag on the xbox, theres an option for a 1 month free trial...its not a physical card w/code in the xbox bundle

spicelicka2092d ago

well all new 360s have one months trials which can be used 3 times for 3 different accounts, so 3.

You can probably find a slim for under $150, and a year of xbox live for like $35 if you look for a deal online. So keep looking and find the best combination, i mean halo 4 is so worth playing you need xbox live!

BelieveinGhosts2092d ago (Edited 2092d ago )

thanks man, im really excited for Halo 4 so im looking for a cheap xbox 360 slim. Is 4 GB memory enough for playing xbox 360 games?

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