GTA IV: San Andreas BETA 3 is coming on August 1st

DSOGaming writes: "Since GTA V is a long way off, San Andreas fans will be delighted to hear that the latest beta version of GTA IV’s mod, based on Rockstar’s San Andreas game, will be released on August 1st. GTA IV: San Andreas BETA 3 will feature a Multiplayer mode, Races, Gang wars, Improved Setup, Improved Launcher, Improved overall graphics, Remade timecyc, and far distance settings for trees and lights."

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PiccoloGR2004d ago

same here. Time to get our dose of San Andreas before GTA V comes out :D

john22004d ago

Oh yes, three days. Just three days

ChronoJoe2004d ago

Doesn't look that good.

They haven't taken as much care into modeling this as Rockstar do with their games so it just looks slightly better instead of a lot better (like it should) whilst at the same time have managed to lose a lot of the games charm with the lack of it's audio elements.

At least that's my impression based on this trailer.

isarai2004d ago

You do realize this is using the exact same models R* themselves made

ChronoJoe2003d ago

No I wasn't aware. I figured they would have made new models to up the quality of San Andreas to GTAIV.

So the purpose of this is just to get the gunplay mechanics and physics into the game? because this looks barely better than San Andreas with it's HD Texture packs and mods.

_-EDMIX-_2004d ago

Its just easier to say your dumb.

isarai2001d ago

I'm here to educate not segregate

2004d ago
iamlegend99992004d ago

You know what make this the best mod ever. If you were able to play story missions while playing online. I would never stop playing this game.