Gears of War: Judgement - What You Can Expect!

The Gears of War series has exploded in the Xbox360 game scene. As its fourth installation is in production, here is a look at what all you die-hard franchise fans can expect!

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optimus2061d ago

Even though i bought all 3 gears i didn't feel like there was much improvement after the 1st. And by that i mean the single player mode as i rarely play multiplayer if at all. In essence i felt a little let down once i finished them... By comparison halo reach was an improvement over it's predecessors so i'm hoping this new gears manages to do the same.

nukeitall2061d ago

I disagree.

Gears of War with every iteration has gotten to be a significantly better and better game. If you go back and play GoW2 or GoW, you will start to notice them. That is because the later changes was so damn good you just eased right into it.

I really love the fast paceness of Gears of War 3, so I can't wait to see what they are doing to GoW:J.

In fact, my most anticipated game to end this generation is GoW:J, more so than even Halo 4!

But I can't complain abut receiving Halo 4!!! XD

ChunkyLover532061d ago

Well the single player campaign in Gears 3 was longer than the first two Gears combined. They also added 4 player local and XBL co-op. They also added arcade campaign mode, which is a lot of fun to play through with friends. New weapons and characters in the campaign, and what I felt like was a heartfelt story of all the games. You really got the chance to delve into Marcus, Cole's and Dom's past, the only person who I felt they left out was Baird, which is why he is getting the prequel.

Kingdom Come2061d ago (Edited 2061d ago )

@ Optimus

Gears of War 2 added:
Meat shield ability,
Horde Mode,
Submission Mode,
King of the Hill Mode,
Wingman Mode,
Map alteration in multiplayer (Avalanches changing the layout mid-match, sandstorms etc)
Chainsaw Duels,
Grenade tagging,
Golden Weapon Skins,
Ink Grenades,
Improved Hammerburst,
Increased player count,
Weapon-Exclusive executions,
Improved graphics,
Improved engine (allowing for hundreds of enemies on screen at once)
Achievement progress tracking,
Training modes,
and more

Gears of War 3 added:
Improved engine and graphics,
Weekend Modes,
Holiday Skins,
Holiday Modes,
Capture the Leader Mode,
Team Deathmatch Mode,
Alpha Mode,
Silver-Back Mechs,
Beast Mode,
Horde Mode,
Weapon Skins,
Multiplayer Ribbons,
Multiplayer Medals,
Arcade Mode,
Four Player Co-Op Campaign,
Horde 2.0,
Horde Fortifications,
Share ammo/money ability,
Swap weapon ability,
Mantle kick ability,
Digger Launcher,
Incendiary Grenades,
Retro Lancer,
Spot enemy ability,
New weapon executions,
New team specific executions,
New extendable executions,
New bag and tag ability,
Sawed-Off shotgun,
Even more Interactive map's (shoot down Thrashball scoreboard for example)
And even more.

optimus2061d ago

I would like to avoid quoting myself after just 2 comments but i guess it seems necessary... "i didn't feel like there was MUCH improvement after the 1st. And by that i mean the SINGLE player mode as i RARELY play mutiplayer if at all."... Of course there's going to be some improvements over the previous but none that would warrant it to be "leaps and bounds" better...

Most of the changes you listed are for multiplayer which i never really dive into... (i didn't even know you could play 4 players in the campaign.)

I remember gears 1 more so than 2 or 3, i felt it had more "wow, did you see that?!" moments. Maybe because it was the 1st of it's kind but the ones after it made me feel like "that's it?" i'm not saying they were bad just that they were not as good as i had hoped they would be.

It's similar to grand theft auto 4; after all the hype, sure it was prettier than the rest, but after a while you felt (at least i did) like it was just the same game with a fresh coat of paint...

For me, a great game is a game that would make me play it again once i'm done with it. Gears 2 and 3 failed to do that... Maybe i will as we get closer to the new one, but i doubt it as i'll likely be tied up playing other games before that.

jetlian2061d ago

Well you know what name a series that changed singleplayer? Got to see this. What were you expecting?

level 3602061d ago

Beg to disagree with the first comment, biggest and best change I noticed was the flawless and more intuitive control pad set-up on GoW3.

One of the best games on XBox360.

cuddlemonkey2061d ago

Gears 3 is prob my fave single player of this gen, mp was also very cool. And dayme if those tickers arnt the cutest little niblets!

Brek_Erickson2061d ago

Yeah Optimis, I'd have to respectfully disagree when GoW3 was released, I played the single player and beat it before "omg omg gears of war" obsession wore off so I went back to the first and overall gameplay was less satisfying. The gameplay wasn't as smooth as I remembered, obviously it was alot less colorful, etc. I still enjoy it but if I'd have to choose I'd pick the 3rd...the unreal engine improvements allowed for a more solid game experience.

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