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Considering both Wreckateer’s 800 Microsoft price point and the dearth of responsive Kinect-controlled titles, the game is recommended to players craving a new activity for their motion-sensing peripheral.

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JRPGLuva2129d ago

First I heard about the game needed a lot of space. How much?

CharmingMan2129d ago

probably 9 feet deep and 8 feet wide with nothing around.

ChunkyLover532129d ago

Same as every other Kinect title. I have about 6 feet of space in my room, but I also have a Zoom, which actually works really well. It lets me do two player games in that same amount of space.

madmad2129d ago

Thats the thing about Kinect. I don't have enough space in my dorm room. I have to play it at my parents. Which is kind a bummer.

RaptorMan2129d ago

I wonder if Rovio will hop and board and give up Angry Birds Kinect if this sells.

sharpsword2129d ago

Thats the thing. Kinects sold like crazy, the software-- not so much.

ChunkyLover532129d ago

It does have 13 or 14 games that have sold over a million copies.

The install base isn't nearly as high as the Xbox 360 itself, so you'd figure anything over 100k has got to be considered a success. When you consider games like Kinect Sports, which has sold like 5 million, its pretty successful.

mediastudies2129d ago

I tried the demo, seemed fun enough.