Why Battlefield will never outdo Call of Duty

I felt those cold-blooded shouts of hatred suggesting my low level of intellectuality as soon as I titled this article. Brr, lets shake it off and carry on. There is this question (the one in the title) that I wanted to answer for some time now, and today is the perfect day for it. Why? Because it’s Saturday. And please take this seriously. Also, couple of points to keep in mind before we begin: we’re touching the franchises here, EA’s Battlefield vs Activition’s Call of Duty, as well as the topic of BF3 vs MW3; strictly multiplayer is what we’re going on about here and what is the most important part of modern day FPS.

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OneAboveAll2159d ago

Unfortunately this is all the authors "opinion". Just like it's my opinion that BF3 already has outdone Call of Duty.

I am the killstreak.

joab7772159d ago

I always figured Dice would win out because I figured Cod would burn out with annual releases. But, now Each is as bad as activation with the announcement of battlefield 4 already. Maybe it won't even appear until 2014 or later but it's announcement had people worried that it is just a money grab.

Reverent2159d ago (Edited 2159d ago )

Auto-correct get the best of you? Also, Battlefield 3 came out last year and I think its safe to say Battlefield 4 will release sometime next year at the very least. That's a 2 year time period between them, again at least. Who really cares when the game is revealed IF we know the game won't be in our hands ANYTIME soon, let alone even see anything of it? Not to mention that DICE is going to make sure there is actual changes being brought to BF4 vs. BF3. Just because EA is greedy doesn't mean DICE is.

egidem2159d ago

Tell that to the good franchises that EA alone has ruined. I've said this before and I'll say it again. If EA sees a potential to milk a good franchise and sacrifice quality over sales, they WON'T hesitate to do it. Good examples involve the Dead Space, Dragon Age and Mass Effect franchises. Now it looks like Battlefield is next.

Sure, DICE might incorporate changes into Battlefield 4. It still doesn't change the fact that if it comes out next year, it will be TOO SOON. They could be focusing on something else good like a Battlefield Bad Company 3 (would love to see this happen).

joab7772158d ago

Yep...damned auto correct. But I read somewhere that if u buy warfighter u get access to B4 beta in late 2013. Maybe I am wrong. Anyway, I do understand why EA is doing this. With MoH and Battlefield, they can compete now. And they have bad company too. Anyway, I have no problem as long as it's good.

WeskerChildReborned2159d ago

To tell you the truth, i don't want BF to compete against COD cause their still different games while COD is mainly fast paced and simple while Battlefield is more of a realistic setting.

I don't want BF to compete with COD cause i feel that they will make BF into a totally different game just to attract CODs audience and well knowing EA, that won't be a surprise.

Just don't turn BF into a COD game cause i still enjoy BF and i would not want it to be a clone.

StayStatic2159d ago

In terms of sales then yes , otherwise are you freaking kidding me ? , since when do the majority buy the best games.

Vynzent2158d ago

I think it's funny how u hav so many disagrees.

It's true, the majority are like sheep. Only brainless sheep will say "that game has more sales, so it's a better game."

venom062159d ago (Edited 2159d ago )

this lame fanboy article is from May 20th?!?!? why the hell is this even on N4G??? wow.. some nerd fishing for views.. nothing to see here, move along..

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The story is too old to be commented.