Playing Battlefield 3 When Suddenly OH GOD KILL IT WITH FIRE

Kotaku - Ok ok, that's kind of mean. Here's this guy, living with this disability, trying to fight a war. And then there's the guy following him around, knifing and shooting him. We should all be a little more respectful.

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X-Factor1968d ago (Edited 1968d ago )

Funny for about 30 seconds.

helghast1021967d ago

Quality Kotaku journalism.

morganfell1967d ago

Serious desperation. It's like they are reaching up from the toilet and pulling the lever themselves.

ame221967d ago

It's okay Kotaku, hang in there a little longer. Fall is just around the corner.

Cajun Chicken1967d ago

I lol'd, but I do like bugs in serious content games.

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The story is too old to be commented.