3 New GTA IV Screenshots Released

BestBuy have added three new screenshots to their GTA IV product page.

hit the jump to see!

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socomnick3708d ago

The graphics seem to be shaping up. Hopefully the frame rate is silky smooth also.

CeruleanSky3708d ago

"The graphics seem to be shaping up."

LOL!, no Rockstar is just getting better at carefully positioning and carefully confining their screenshots to cover up the last gen graphics.

GTA4 has been ruined by the 7GB Xbox 360 disc format and lack of standard harddrive.

Rockstar is being forced by the POS 360 to gimp GTA4 into a game with 1.5GB LESS space than last gen.

The pathetic 7GB 360 DVD drive will mean:

* Massive amounts of texture/material replication all over the place

* A world complexity/size smaller than last gen's PS2/XBox GTA games

PC and PS3 owners could be about to get a real next gen GTA game with 20+GBs of city/graphics data. And Rockstar could have come out with a gimped down to 360 level version of GTA4 months later and not ruined the game for everyone.

But that 50 million dollars for a couple of extra missions has ensured Microsoft and its POS console has ruined another next gen game.

GTA fans are going to have to wait for GTA5 running only on PCs and PS3s for a real next gen GTA experience.

Thank you Microsoft! Gimping next gen for gamers on all platforms.

Dashmoney1013708d ago

u need to calm down, i think it was the PS2 that held the xbox back last gem..... so, easy does it

CeruleanSky3707d ago


PS2: 8.5GB DVD disc format
Xbox: 8.5GB DVD disc fomat

Ratio of game data/graphics data: 1 to 1

PS3: 25GB BluRay disc format
360: 7GB DVD disc format

Ratio of game data/graphics data: 3.6 to 1

The POS Xbox 360 is the only console EVER to have shipped with LESS disc space than a previous gen.

The Xbox 360 has both delayed and ruined GTA4.

Rockstar BEGGED Microsoft to let them require a harddrive and Microsoft refused and Rockstar then had to delay the game six months to deal with the nightmare that is the 7GB harddriveless and graphically weak 360.

Ain't it great having Microsoft's incompetent asses in the console market?

BobDog3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

br can also hold 50 gigs, and they are working on 100gig disks

@ below, thats because thats how much a dvd9 disk holds, and yes xbox360 uses dvd9, they do not use their own format. and what was ur point anyway

CrazzyMan3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

i mean, i saw, that most x360 games images are around 7GB.
But can you actually prove, that xbox and PS2 had aroound 8.5GB and not 7GB?
Though, of`course it`s just 1,5GB...

Call of Duty 4 -6.35GB
Halo 3 -6.14GB
Bioshock -6.05GB
Gears of War -6.27GB
PES 8 -6.46GB
Ace Combat 6 -6.89GB
Eternal Sonata -6.47
Blue Dragon -6.50GB -6.53GB -6.49GB
Madden 08 -6.21GB
Crackdown -6.58GB
Splinter Cell Double Agent -6.15GB
TES Oblivion -6.4GB
TES Oblivion Shivering Isles -6.71GB

DJ3707d ago

Yeah, DVD's holding them back in terms of technology and scope, but I'm sure GTA is still going to be a great game.

Xcal2k33707d ago

The less amount of space yu use on a disc, the less processing and loading that needs to be done. If yu fill a blue ray up with a disc full of content, yu can expect a lot of strain on the PS3 processor and disc drive. The idea in next Gen programming is the ability to stream content smoothly without frame rates drops due to processing issues. hence why games these days dont need a 25gig disc in order to make a good game. Pack a game worth of 25gigs of material would quickly kill a processor due to the amount of content it has to sift through in order to find one small chunks of information it needs to stream media to the screen. Big doesnt necessarily mean better, Sony went blue ray only for Movie playback, not for the space of video games. i said this once, and i'll say it again, go do some research on where next gen gaming is going and how they go about doing it. Its not disc space my friend, the less space they use, the smoother the processing. Please... Go read before yu start rambling about things yu have no clue about.


BobDog3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

the cell

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my GOD i cant wait TIL april 29th


can't wait for this date. taking the day off from work

meepmoopmeep3708d ago

at first the graphics looked like poop, but i'm glad they're getting better and better before release

ygxbrayzie3708d ago

oh wow is getting better and better graphically

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