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How Big of A Role Will Kinect Play in the Xbox 720?

When Microsoft announced the Kinect, the motion-gaming peripheral that requires no controller to work, it was celebrated by the mainstream and hardcore alike for its unique functionality.

Since then, Microsoft has delivered enhanced features, but for the vast majority of gamers, it has become a bit of a novelty. Sure, it’s a neat way to command the Xbox or shout some orders in games, but beyond that, it delivers little value to the average person trying to sit down, relax, and enjoy a title. (Culture, Industry, Kinect, Microsoft, Next-Gen, Tech, Xbox 360)

Wizziokid  +   820d ago
Kinect is going to be a huge part of every Xbox / next Xbox going forward,. IT will stay that way until the demand drops, If the demand ever does drop. It's just to be for MS not to bring on next-gen
OneAboveAll  +   820d ago
I don't care what role is plays so long as it isn't shoved down our throats and doesn't take away from hardcore games which Kinect is currently doing. 360 has a lot of exclusives but the problem is they are all KINECT GAMES!
samson-1  +   820d ago
"360 has a lot of exclusives but the problem is they are all KINECT GAMES!"

That's a flat out lie.

Kinect 2 will most likely be a big part of the next xbox. If the next xbox is as powerful as they claim then Kinect 2 should be a huge improvement. The only thing that seems to hold it back this gen is the processing power of the 360.I see the next gen kinect being very impressive because it seems that MS has been working on this thing for years now.
Shadonic  +   820d ago
Don't forget the space issues I don't have em but it seems like most reviewers and gamers do.
aiBreeze  +   820d ago
""360 has a lot of exclusives but the problem is they are all KINECT GAMES!"

That's a flat out lie. "

I like how you can call that out a lie without actually being able to back up your claim. Ofcourse we know you can't back up your claim because your claim is wrong. Kinect exclusives far outweigh non kinect exclusives.. this year alone we've not seen a single xbox only exclusive game released in retail that wasn't for kinect as far as I'm aware.
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EVILDEAD360  +   820d ago
@ aIBreeze,

No matter how 'new' this 4 day profile you have is you KNOW that it's not the truth regardless of how it's spun.

Who cares if you hate the releases or whether they are console exclusives or not this year for the 360 thus far but Alan Wake, Trials Evolution, Witcher 2, and Minecraft arent Kinect games. and that isn't close to all of them, especially when you bring in XBLA.

But they did release Kinect games and it's only a 'problem' for Kinect haters. That's like being mad if Sony releases a game for Move.

On topic, you coulsd see from the leak that Kinect may have a role in the new console. But as successful as Kinect has been I'm sure Microsoft will be smart enough to have the new consoles have backwards capability to include Kinect.

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Rhythmattic  +   811d ago

I too disagree with what aIBreeze posted, total Fud.

I also must add the term "Console Exclusive" is also one of the biggest cop-outs to be posted this gen.
JBSleek  +   820d ago
If they can utilize the voice command and non game applications for Kinect then I see it a success as such games like Madden 13 which only enhances the game or Mass Effect 3.

Kinect 2.0 is like ice cream it can be good in moderation and in times of desire but over saturation isn't a good things and leads to problems.
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ChunkyLover53  +   820d ago
Its supposed to be packaged with every Xbox 720. I think Microsoft will want everyone who owns the Xbox brand to have the opportunity to use one, even if its just an option.

I also think all the consoles need as much to attract multiple types of consumers as they can get. That is how they will compete with tablets and phones.
BitbyDeath  +   820d ago
Kinect should be heaps better nextgen due to having more power available so no point judging if it playing a big part is good or bad just yet.

Who knows what they have planned for all we know Kinect 2.0 might come with VR goggles.
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Derpy  +   820d ago
What a lot of people (including some posters here) don't get is that it has nothing to do with how well Kinect is implemented. A lot of core gamers don't like Kinect because they don't want to jump around while gaming, they want to relaxe in a comforble chair with a controller while they enjoy hours long gaming sessions. So whether or not it's improved on the next system is a mute point for these gamers as they don't want it period.
BitbyDeath  +   820d ago
VR would mean you are sitting back in a comfortable chair and controlling your movements with your mind.

Sure not all games need to be like that but i'll be there day one to anyone who can offer that.
Derpy  +   820d ago
It's a nice dream, but technology for reading our minds doesn't currently exist and it will be a long time if ever before it does. For the foreseeable future movement of some form will be required for playing games. Even the so called mind controlling devices that have come out over the last couple decades only work by sensing the muscle movements around the temples and the devices have never gone mainstream for gaming because they are actually more difficult to use instead of your hands.
optimus  +   819d ago
@bitby... Actually it also means that you put on a light weight head gear or wrap around glasses that will follow your head movements such as those big vr arcade units from the 90's.
samson-1  +   820d ago
"So whether or not it's improved on the next system is a mute point for these gamers as they don't want it period."

They also said the same thing about going from cartridges to cd games. But look at them now. Now, some are afraid to go digital over cd. Kinect does have an audience. That's something no one can deny. About 20 million people have bought one so its clear you are wrong when you say people don't want to jump around because those are the types of games that sell the best for kinect. You can't label all gamers as people who want to sit on a couch and play. There are people with families that do enjoy what it offers as well as core gamers.
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Derpy  +   820d ago
I never said that it wasn't popular, I was just saying that many who game for long periods do not want to do it in a way that requires moving around.

As for the cartridge and optical disc argument, it's not really relevant here as these are mediums of storage. But to tell you the truth, cartridge has always been better than optical disc in matters of speed and reliability. But optical disc won because it was cheaper for large amounts of data. But as memory gets cheaper, cartridges are starting to win, as SSD, USB drives, memory cards all use a technology that was also used for cartridges. As memory gets cheaper, the days are not too far off when we'll be getting our games on memory cards and putting those in our consoles instead of discs. In fact it's already a reality with the Vita.
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WeskerChildReborned  +   820d ago
Hopefully not a major focus for the next console.
I want Microsoft to focus on some great new IP that isn't a Kinect game.
EVILDEAD360  +   819d ago
Ilaugh at this fake 'nre IP' stance that people keep talking.

New IPs come out yearly in droves and no one pays attention to them.

New IPs come out for the 360 and the PS3 at the same rate.

But they announce two games one was announce literally 2 years before it will hit retail and then people started this claim.

Non-360 gamers don't play ANY IP on the 360 but they are pretending they want more IPs.

It's actually pretty funny to watch on N4G..

samson-1  +   820d ago
"I never said that it wasn't popular, I was just saying that many who game for long periods do not want to do it in a way that requires moving around."

And you can't possibly know that for sure. You are just speculating. There are gamers out there who play COD for hours and do play party /dance games like dance central. The point is that people want to play games. For some it doesn't matter if you have to move around as long as its a enjoyable/fun experience. MS has sold almost 70 million consoles and you can bet that there are millions out there who do like to move around when they play. Like I said before you can't put a label on all gamers because some could be as young as 5 and as old as 50. This is why i think MS was smart to bring in kinect. It definitely brought in a lot of new gamers to their brand.
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edonus  +   820d ago
Kinect is a gigantic part of the next xbox because motion control is a big part of gaming. Every system will need to have a viable motion control system in place for the next gen or they will get creamed.
The wii isnt getting rid of wii mote they are expanding their functions, kinect has proven to be a successful platform. the only ones that dont have a clear strategy is Sony will they keep MOVE or make A MOVE2 and there has been rumors of them trying their own kinect.
Anyway the disdain you hear from gamers right now about kinect is baseless and wont be able to continue next gen. Most of the negative stuff you hear about kinect is false but cant be substantiated because mst core gamers dont have kinect to actually find out the truth. Next gen kinect2 will be standard, so you cant disconnect it or run from it all the naysayers will be forced to sit their and see that the system works great. I am sure that once the masses of core gamers get a real feel and understanding of kinect they will love it.
optimus  +   819d ago
It seems to me that the only people that complain about the kinect are those that enjoy spending hours upon hours sitting down. I actually bought and welcomed the kinect from day 1 as now i can get some movement going in my muscles and have fun doing it...
Granted there are only a handful of games that are truly fun to play and most are not but i blame the infancy of the technology at the moment. If you look at the videos of what people have been able to do with this current kinect, it only tells me how much better the next one will be.

My only hope is that they do implement the current kinect in more games or make it backwards compatible with the next xbox. It would be a waste for me to set mine aside for good without getting much use out of it... How many steering wheels do you all have in your closets from previous generations??...exactly.
NeoTribe  +   819d ago
Hopefully none.

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