1,500 Mexicans Needed for Dragonball Flick

Live in Mexico? Like Dragonball? You're in luck! The DB movie is looking for extras. No experience necessary! It looks like the cattle call has already commenced. This is actually the coolest news to come out of the Dragonball movie shoot. In an age were all crowds scenes are CG, it's pretty neat that the producers are using actual people for the shoot. Too bad they seem to be mucking up the rest of the flick. Then again, after the censoring the anime got when it came to the US, this movie should just be par for the course.

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hotrider123739d ago

this movie is a flop before it comes out. for one goku is not white (no offense) and neither is piccalo nor bolma if they really wanted to make a damn good dbz movie why not use chinese or japanese people?? who comes close to the character from the cartoon. and why is'nt it call dbz?? back in the day I watched every episode never heard it called plainly dragonball. got every episode on dvd no title dragonball without the Z