SVGL's Official Metal Gear Solid Drinking Game

You will need:
A copious portion of American beer.
A bottle of Russian vodka, well chilled.
Six pack of Red Bull, probably sugarless, since you don't want to get sick.
Some good, coarse salt.
Either lemon juice, lime juice or sour mix.
Calorie-Mate. Or something edible, to keep your stomach steady.

This drinking game is designed to be used in any title in the Metal Gear series. We'll refer to "Snake," but unless specifically indicated, this can refer to Big Boss or Raiden also -- whomever you're playing as. Remember, kids, the Metal Gear drinking game is intended for legal adults 21 and over, or whatever the legal age is in your country. SVGL does not promote drinking to dangerous and potentially lethal excess, so don't be an idiot, hey?

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Skerj3801d ago

That drinking game will get you drunk quicker than my beer, I wonder how many fat chicks you'll end up boning.

Foliage3801d ago

Why ruin a drinking game with American beer?

Skerj3801d ago

Guinness and Corona ftw, even though I'm not a big beer drinker. Vodka's my thing, and even still if it isn't Pravda or Pinnacle I probably won't mess with it.

pwnsause3801d ago

Sam Adams > Any american Beer.

Mr_Kuwabara3801d ago

Medalla Light> Coors Light

Although beer isn't necessarily made to tast great, coors light just tastes like vomit.

Heineken, Medalla and Corona is what I drink. (When I'm in parties that is, I don't drink just for the hell of it though)

RecSpec3801d ago

Points for trying, but that is way too damn complicated to be fun. The old favorite works just fine, drink if your spotted. As time goes on you'll get spotted more and more. Fun ensues. But we all know that Mario Party is the best video game to mix with drinking.

primordialmeme3801d ago

then id never get drunk, i say just drink and play mgs games, its a blast

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