PS Vita is 'too expensive for most,' says Pachter

Sony’s PlayStation Vita is ‘too expensive’ for the most consumers, reckons Wedbush Morgan analyst, Michael Pachter.

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INehalemEXI2130d ago

True at a time like this when mad games are out and the womenz is flocking ...cmon.

Hisiru2130d ago (Edited 2130d ago )

Has nothing to do with price. Put a brand new God of War or GTA on this thing and you will see people buying 2 vitas. Also, let's see how it will perform in the holiday. I believe COD will be a system seller and there are some unannounced vita games (probably some good surprises), so I think we will see this thing selling very well in the near future.

I wonder what kind of idiot pays Pachter for this kind of job, really. He said some stupid things abour Sony and Nintendo, but people is paying him for it? It's hard to understand.

Blackpool2130d ago (Edited 2130d ago )

Why would someone buy 2 vitas for 1 game?

DigitalAnalog2130d ago (Edited 2130d ago )

I believe it was a figure of speech that showcases the Vita's value when hit-games enter to it's market.

MmaFan-Qc2130d ago

its not like if pachter was the ultimate virtue, in fact, most of the time he's speculating like my litle sister usually do.

DivineAssault 2130d ago

i dont think he meant buying two vitas literally.. Just that it will boost momentum for ppl to buy it...

Anon19742130d ago

I won't buy it because of the price. Sure I wouldn't mind having one, but $250 plus whatever extra for the memory...I just don't play mobile devices enough to justify that expense. When I do find myself in a dr's office or with some downtime away from home I find my Android phone is a perfectly capable gaming device, and I've got it on me all the time anyway for business.

If I found myself with a lot of downtime out of the home or my office, then I might consider it but at $250 there's just no way. Maybe $150 and I'd pick one up as a nice to have, but now that smartphones are nicely filling the gaming void for me away from home, even then I probably wouldn't pick one up.

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yeahokchief2130d ago (Edited 2130d ago )

No. I have the money. I just don't want one.

1. I'd rather have an iphone than a vita.

2. I do my gaming on the PS3 at home. I have no use for handheld devices because I don't travel anymore. I'm either at home or work and when i'm at work i'm doing work.

3. I wouldn't even buy one if they put a god of war on it because I didn't buy a psp. Luckily they made a port for those games on the PS3. They were good. Absolutely nothing could get me to buy a PS VITA. I don't want extra junk around my house.

All of that said, it looks like a spiffy device and props to sony for building such reliable and long lasting products. Still have my Ps1 and PS2 in good condition and the PS3 is going strong even after last year's overabundance of awesome top quality games and exclusives.

LOGICWINS2130d ago

Hopefully we see some good Black Friday deals for Vita. A white Vita with a 4GB memory card and AC: Liberation for $199 would make it easy for many to pull the trigger.

cpayne932130d ago

That's the deal I'm waiting for, I'm not getting a Vita until Black Friday. By that time, there will be more games to choose from at better prices than there are now.

LOGICWINS2130d ago

YUP, good things come to those who wait. I'd be kicking myself if I had bought Vita at launch.

cpayne932130d ago

It's usually pretty pointless to buy a system at launch. You pay too much and your system gathers dust while waiting for games to come out. Better to buy it at a cheaper price with more games later, plus firmware updates will have improved it by the time you buy it.

princejb1342130d ago

i agree i usually wait for over a year to buy a new system
that way if there are any glitches or bugs they have time to fix it
as well as waiting for more games to come out

yabhero2130d ago

I'm getting a WiiU at launch but that's as a gift.
The 3DS is awesome but 250 was too much. 170 is a good price for it. Pretending games are the Vita's only problem is stupid. Tech wise Vita is worth around 220-250. People don't have that money to drop now. A price drop would be a good idea. Cut for 199 would be awesome. It's not likely... It would cost sony too much. I'm worried they will make the same mistake with PS4...
They shouldn't put in so much expensive tech that it isn't profitable...

DarkHeroZX2130d ago

lol or buy an extended warrenty plan for the device. I got until 2014 to get a full refund for my vita at radioshack. That means if a newer cheaper model(maybe even a 720p screen and better battery) comes out I just send it back and buy a new one with the money.

InTheLab2130d ago (Edited 2130d ago )

An 8gig iPod comes with nothing but a plastic box for $199. You're asking them to give you over $400 worth of gear for the same price?

NastyLeftHook02130d ago (Edited 2130d ago )

the better things in life sometimes come at a higher cost, that's why i don't buy cheap tv's computers, headphones, cars consoles, ect.

Cocozero2130d ago

Don't expect a pricecut either because Sony is bleeding money.

NastyLeftHook02130d ago (Edited 2130d ago )

Funny, it does not seem like they are bleeding money, if i were to imagine a company bleeding money i would imagine less exclusive games, no ps+ deals or sony not buying gaikai.

But for a company bleeding money as you say all i seem to be getting are amazing exclusive games, great deals on ps+, and sony buying gaikia.

Cocozero2130d ago

All those examples are why they are bleeding money, and if they don't pay off don't expect the Playstation brand to be around for much longer.

_Aarix_2130d ago (Edited 2130d ago )

Well they make them but people like you are too obsessed bragging about it to actually buy them. Are you proud of yourself? Taking down a corporation that you love? Are you?

Ot: not paying $250 for a mini console and dont deny it. Theres dlc and onlines passes...ON A F***ING HANDHELD. Either a handheld is $99 at most or ill pass.

PoSTedUP2130d ago


sony doesn't make products for broke people.

r212130d ago

you do know that they're making a profit off the ps vita.