Pre order Crisis Core, get a UMD case free

PSP Fanboy writes:

"You're going to get Crisis Core, right? Might as well get a free bonus with it. Pre-orders of the game will include a special "Shin-Ra Electric Power Company" UMD case. Currently, only is showing the pre-order bonus, but other retailers should carry the bonus as well. The game releases March 25th. Happy shopping."

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meepmoopmeep3797d ago

we usually get the shorter end of the stick :(

plus i'm in need of a UMD case and free stuff is always welcomed

NEO_X3797d ago

but there is about 10000000000 things id rather get with a pr-order of such a great game

PS360WII3797d ago

Japan gets a FF PSP and we get a UMD case?!

ruibing3797d ago

They got a limited edition bundle, we get a case for free. It's not much but it just got me to make my preorder on Amazon.

INehalemEXI3797d ago

I was hopeing for them to bring us a ff slim psp bundle too, free umd case is sweet though.

ancient1123797d ago

They might still make the bundle, be patient everyone......

Homicide3797d ago

Highly doubt the states will get the Crisis Core bundle. Your best bet is to buy it on ebay. The only bundles we got is Daxter and Star Wars.

The case looks sweet. I'm going to pre-order this game.

NinjaRyu3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

Yeah I also think thats Bull Sh!t. I would pre-order Crisis Core but I'm broke!

Also on a unrelated subject If anyone is currently in college & wants to take japanese, only do it during the Fall & Spring classes. Never do it during winter or summer otherwise it's a B!tch to Pass.

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stuntman_mike3797d ago

i wish it was the ff psp carry case that japan had, now that was sweet but umd aint bad.

is this offer available in the uk

Azurite3796d ago

Hope the same offer will come to

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