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Does Your Dad Play Halo with You? Because Mine Does.

There are a lot of parents that just don’t understand gamers. They think that video games rot your brain and say stupid things like, “why don’t you go outside and play like other kids?” This, of course, sounds idiotic when they also say things like, “If everyone was jumping off a bridge would you do it too?” (Call of Duty, Halo, Xbox 360)

Riggans42  +   1134d ago
My dad would always play goldeneye 64 with me and my friends. Nothing like a parent taken some time to play video games with his kids. Good times.
PoSTedUP  +   1134d ago
my dad would do that too. but he also played by himself lol.
UnSelf  +   1134d ago
my dad just played wit me
JoshEngen  +   1134d ago
I would never play Halo with my kid. I'm not abusive.
Dominator214  +   1134d ago
The only games both of my parents ever played with me I believe were Mortal Kombat, Mario, (back on the NES)and Metal Gear Solid.
WeskerChildReborned  +   1134d ago
My mom only played Mario with me back when i was young.

She still plays Mario today since she's a fan of the games.
HaMM4R  +   1134d ago
Your mum is awesome.
JKelloggs  +   1134d ago
I used to when I was younger, on the Playstation One, the odd Tekken and FIFA game, and we played Halo as well when we got an Xbox.

If it weren't for him, I wouldn't of experienced gaming as young as I did.
Mariye  +   1134d ago
When I was a baby, my parents had an Intellivision and would let me hold the spare controller when they played Night Stalker or Burgertime. I was playing Shark Shark with them by the time I was a toddler.
NoobJobz  +   1134d ago
No. My stepdad played one game with me back when I had a Dreamcast. It was NFL 2k1 and Im pretty sure it was because my mom said something to him and made him. He's one of those people that hates video games and thinks people who play are lazy bums.

I guess not growing up with video games and then seeing a whole generation of kids have that option pisses him off. I'm pretty sure that if he had games growing up, his views would be much different.

I plan on playing with my kids and my grand kids. I don't see myself ever stopping playing games.
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noisemedia  +   1134d ago
Yes! My son and I have played through every Halo title so far, Gears of War 1-3, COD, and nearly any other recent games that support splitscreen.

I absolutely love playing games with my son. Ive passed the love on to him too it seems.

I think it can be a great way to share interests and spend time with our kids as long as we understand the need for moderation, especially with the younger ones. Right now we're looking forward to picking up Lego Batman 2 next, maybe even Resident Evil 6 later on as well...
CanadianTurtle  +   1134d ago
LOL Ok there.

My parents HATE video games with a severely strong passion.
Qrphe  +   1134d ago
I remember him playing Donkey Kong and Mortal Kombat 3 on the SNES and later Toshinden Arena and Driver on the PS with my siblings and I.

He tried playing KZ3 a few months back and he didn't like it at all lol
He calls it "one of those games in which you never die" due to the lack of game over.
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manitobawpg  +   1134d ago
lol my step dad would always play wcw/nwo revenge and smoke cigarettes while i sleep. what a douche smoking while im going to sleep
sreiches  +   1133d ago
With my dad, it was always Mechwarrior 2. We paid for a second phone line so that we could play Netmech against each other. I still remember running upstairs as we were waiting for the computers to connect, yelling at my mom to not answer the phone.

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