Home Media Magazine: HD DVD Backers Should Call It A Day - Editoral

Thomas K. Arnold of Home Media Magazine writes: Is the future of Hollywood in the grasp of two computer companies? Sadly, it is so. If this format war continues on much longer, we could be in repeat of what happened in the music industry. We saw two next-generation formats, Super CD and DVD-Audio, battle it out, and in the end neither won-leaving the tired, old CD to fend for itself in an increasingly electronic environment.

Toshiba and Microsoft, by stubbornly continuing to back HD DVD at a point where it is clear that the format cannot longer win, are threatening to derail the entire home entertainment packaged-media business - Hollywood's primary cash cow, and as such, a vital bloodline to the creation of new movies.

Toshiba needs to swallow its pride and do the right thing for our industry - and, in the long term if not the short term, its own corporate shareholders. The same goes for Microsoft, which at least has opened the door to Blu-ray in a series of cryptic statements issued just after Warner made the announcement at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas that it would exclusively support Blu-Ray Disc. If Microsoft goes Blu - or atleast issues a Blu-ray add-on for its Xbox 360, as it has for HD DVD -then Toshiba will likely cave as well.

Hopefully one or both companies will see the light before it gets dark for all of us.

(Article is on Page 7 of the home Media Magazine)

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moparful993853d ago

Its blindingly apparent what microsoft is attempting to do. Microsoft is killing two birds with one stone. Microsoft can care less about the hd-formats they only care about the downloadable media service that they are now pouring their resources into. Microsoft knows that hd-dvd is dying, but they also know that if they keep it out their and confuse the consumers long enough that their download service can gain traction and take off, or so they think. People blindly support microsoft and claim that they are a good company but they really dont care about the consumer, they only care about the green slips of paper tucked in your back pocket. Therefore, will do whatever it takes, whether it be deceit, confusion, or empty promises to convince you to give them your hard earned dollar.

Hatchetforce3853d ago

MS is in a very tough spot. Their next Xbox will have to have a physical media player in it in order to assure some sort of backwards compatibility. Games will still have to be issued on a physical medium because a vast section of the public isn't ready to buy most of their games and not be able to trade them in. Digital downloads are fine and I have a few. But it isn't a sole solution for most people.

With everything moving toward HD, they cannot rely on download service alone to supply their games and movies. Bandwidth will not be sufficient, even in 3 years. Right now their so called HD movie downloads are not really true HD at all. And it isn't just name as you can easily see the difference. You also can't watch your 5 disk Bladerunner or complete 7 seasons of whatever show by going strictly download.

Microsoft has only have two choices. Forego the ability to play true Hi Definition movies and thus give up that feature along with all the advantages it entails as well as the bragging rights, or else adopt Bluray.

Ri0tSquad3853d ago

But Microsoft isn't the only company like that.

Cyrus3653853d ago

I guess that is the strategy for Toshiba, to prolong it as much as it can, making DVD the mainstay (As they collect royalties on DVD disc, as they created it). MSoft is backing it, for other interests, as they'd rather have software/digital distrubition, where they can gain royalities, although digital distrubition isn't ready yet, delaying this as far they can.

But in the end it could cost all players involved.

HD DVD3853d ago

C'mon guys,I'm still relevant!

Mr_Kuwabara3853d ago

Lol dude you seriously made me laugh.

Wereturd3853d ago

Keep living that dream man!

SlyGuy3853d ago

You can do eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!

niall773853d ago

I guess it wont be hard to climb up the HD DVD charts when there are only 2 new movies released each month

Bill Gates3853d ago

Maybe HD-DVD should look to investing into the DVD-Rewinder...AHHAHAHHA

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