3 things that Uncharted gets wrong writes:

"Naughty Dog's Uncharted franchise is one of the best new IPs to come out of the current generation of consoles, but the series isn't without its faults."

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jonnyvito2131d ago

I agree the climbing is just following a path. I'd like environment interaction to have more substance.

kamruk2131d ago

The problem is that Uncharted's campaign is more interactive media than it is a game, you are always heading down a dedicated path, scripted events at every corner. Bigger environments would take from the overall flow I don't see that changing.

It's not trying to be an open, approach from every angle experience.

If anything I'd prefer it to include less but more refined combat, so that it would focus on what it is, a cinematic interactive story that is scripted and planned from the moment you press start.

HappyGaming2131d ago

That what makes Uncharted Uncharted :)
From what we saw and heard about in the Last of US demonstration Naughty Dog know how to set up a non linear world if they wanted to...

SuperStrokey11232131d ago

What have we seen from Last of Us that isnt Linear?

HappyGaming2131d ago

Like I said everything in the demo :)

Its just so good it looks scripted!

SilentNegotiator2131d ago (Edited 2131d ago )

People these days seem to think that linearity, cutscenes, and online are all failure states, and that is TOTAL CRAP.

Games can be designed that way without it automatically being bad, and Uncharted is certainly not bad.

GrandTheftZamboni2131d ago

Linear or not, scripted or non-scripted, as long as I enjoy a game, those are just meaningless words.

PoSTedUP2131d ago (Edited 2131d ago )

the only thing it gets wrong is the sound of the guns. that to me is a big deal.

jony_dols2131d ago (Edited 2131d ago )

I wouldn't mind seeing the next Uncharted go down a Batman: Arkham City-esque route, with an open free roaming environment with main/side quests & collectibles; whilst also retaining some of the polished linear sequences that are a hallmark of the series.

Dee_912131d ago

i only agree with the linearity.
it dont have to be open world but larger roaming areas wouldnt hurt.
Dull enemies ?? SPOILER ALERT*** you fight slow monsters and stuff./SPOILER ALERT*** How is that dull?
Nothing wrong with the climbing imo.

ShinMaster2130d ago

More like 3 things he doesn't like.

Maybe he should play different game and stop trying to turn a game into something it's not supposed to be.

Since when is linearity a bad thing? Or cutscenes? Or multiplayer implementation?
If the end result is great, then STFU.

WeskerChildReborned2130d ago

It's suppose to be like that lol.

Perjoss2130d ago

The assassins creed series handles climbing so much better than the uncharted games. But overall I think the uncharted games are better.

dantesparda2130d ago (Edited 2130d ago )

@ Perjoss

I think the Infamous series handles climbing alot better than Assassins Creed.

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Irishguy952131d ago (Edited 2131d ago )

Yeah the climbing was kind of a waste, it was not challenging, nor was it supposed to be, it was essentially time wasting moments for the sake of pacing.

wishingW3L2131d ago (Edited 2131d ago )

Is not a waste.

thanks to the climbing mechanic ND can be more creative and diverse with the level design at the same time it adds verticality to the gunplay and to the puzzles too. Is just that you guys haven't put any thought on its design... But it's fine though, we are just gamers after all, not game designers.

badz1492130d ago

gives variety on how you tackle enemies! maybe not on easy or normal difficulty where enemies go down easily and you can mow them like you do in rail shooters but on hard and crushing, being able to climb your way up to a good vantage points or climb behind walls help a lot! sneaking behind enemies in multiplayer is very satisfying too!

it gives the sense of exploration for what they are trying to achieve with the franchise. it's treasure hunting, would you like it better if they disable the climbings and all your objectives and treasures just lay on the ground like most FPS? seriously, there are nothing wrong with the climbing!

Irishguy952130d ago

Again...I'm not talking about the climbing mechanic which is good or combat situations and stealth ones, i'm talking about the climbing sections which involve no type of difficulty or any point really, they are there for the sake of pacing. They are inbetween combat sections and generally involve Holding a direction and pressing A without even thinking about what you're doing(opposite of a platformer which requires your full attention)

mantisimo2130d ago

The climbing if you look at a lot of it is also used to show the beauty of the environments graphics etc, as many climbing scenes open up the camera and show the game world and an idea of what's to come.

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StraightPath2131d ago (Edited 2131d ago )

add another to the list is improving shooting mechanics and cover mechanics.

the grenade shockwave stumbles your character even though your clearly still under cover you still can get shot very annoying.

SilentNegotiator2131d ago

First of all, the shooting mechanics are very tight.

Second of all, get behind a chest high wall and allow an explosive to go off on the other side. You're in for a surprise.

mynameisEvil2131d ago

I agree with Silent. The force exerted from an exploding grenade would certainly make you at least shake a good bit, even if you are behind of brick wall.

Kin23g2131d ago (Edited 2131d ago )

Didn't think I'd agree with the article, but surprisingly, I actually do.

Pwnage182022131d ago

Yea me too. I mean I love the uncharted series but this person brings up really good points.

Nimblest-Assassin2131d ago (Edited 2131d ago )

Uncharted is a cinematic experience

Its designed so its intuitive, and does not tax the player. As you are doing puzzles, the game constantly gives you hints when you take to long... and due to its design thats why this author has problems with the series

These are not problems, but rather what ND wanted to put in the game. The climbing is meant to be easy, its not Tomb Raider or Mario where you need to time your jumps, and hold on to a button to hold on. I remember when Drakes fortune came out, and people praised the climbing for it being easy

They don't want to add more enemy types... I meant you have an enemy associated with each weapon, snipers, rpgs, foot soldiers, heavy's... its not meant to be a gears of war, where there are multiple species of enemies.I mean, they are people... you can't do much with that. The pirates and mercanary's are also an easy way to remove political correctness, as they are not allied with a country.

Finally the thing people love to pan uncharted for is linearity. If the game did open up, it detracts from the story and pacing. Uncharted is about roller coaster moments... and great pacing. If they opened that up, some of that can be lost. And ND has proved they can make a wider game with the last of us, as they have made assets that still benefit the story and allows players to explore. The scattered items that add to the story

This is what uncharted is... they aren't problems... they are things the series does. These things are done intentionally.

Uncharted is not made to test a players skill, but give them a fun narrative, great visuals, and an overall great experience

Im not going to lie... I love the series, but they need to give it a fresh new coat if they want to make uncharted 4... TLOU is like a breath of fresh air, and why so many people are excited for it

DigitalAnalog2130d ago

People seem to think the Nirvana of games lies in in being open-world with infinite fetch quests to sustain their OCD in order for it to achieve merit. Had Uncharted been a generic title (to which we have seen countless of) then the linearity, pacing criticism is warranted.

It really was quite evident what ND is achieving to do, they were trying to make to make the game immersive and even points out at one time that it would be very difficult to make the series open.

Which is probably why they wanted to start on TLOU, the believe they want to do something different in the industry as opposed to the typical Crytek/Epic games mentality (uber graphics, physics but no substance to back them up).

Pwnage182022131d ago

i do agree it would be more of a challenge for players

Thatguy-3102130d ago

Linear gameplay was force in Uncharted 3. Nuff said.

showtimefolks2130d ago

2 of the problems can be solved but 3rd of it not being more open is just plain wrong. If you are a UC fan than you know ND are going for a cinematic look and open world game don't look cinematic. I do hope though that ND waits till next PS before we get another UC just because i feel like UC series can grow a lot more with better tech

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32froshes2131d ago

I agree with your first point, and this is especially true with U3. There were those armored enemies that you had to shoot in the head about a billion times, and that got obnoxious.

Your other two points, though, I feel miss the mark a bit. The climbing being easy in Uncharted is what makes it so much fun. And it's not like it's "too" easy. There are a few instances where it's almost puzzle-like, and attempting to jump to the wrong ledge will lead to death.

Also, Uncharted's linearity is what makes the stories so great. Just because GTA blew the doors open for sandbox gameplay doesn't mean that every series ever needs to follow suit.

I've probably played through Uncharted 2 more times than I've played through any other game this generation. Red Dead Redemption was great, but I doubt I'll ever play it a second time. And I've still never finished an Assassin's Creed game. I guess I don't understand why "linear" needs to be a dirty word in the game industry.

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