Top 5 Most Determined Video Game Heroes

What would entertainment be without its heroes? Movies, comics, video games, and books would be a bore, we would have no one to look up to, and worst of all no one could stop the villains! Most importantly, heroes inspire us. They will go through hell and back just to save someone they love, protect the innocent, and defend the planet...

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thorstein2099d ago

Good list of characters and games. All stellar!

protwarrior2098d ago

Agreed. A phenomenal list of memorable characters and games.

Whitefeather2098d ago

No Old Snake? Microwave hallway enough said.


I haven't played Metal Gear Solid, and frankly, I don't know much about the series. Thus, I didn't consider it for the list. Thanks for the kind words! Even though people disagreed with them. ^_^