GameSpot's Dark Sector Preview and Videos - Mutation Nation

The last time GameSpot took a look at Dark Sector, they got to play through the beginning levels of this third-person action shooter from Digital Extremes and D3. These first few stages set up secret operative Hayden Tenno's mission to uncover the truth behind a horrific chemical outbreak in a former Soviet state, a disaster that has mutated some unfortunate members of the populace and left the area uninhabitable. Early on, Tenno is infected as well -- and he actually gains some pretty gnarly powers as a result, powers that will come in handy as he fights through waves of mutants, as well as soldiers belonging to a paramilitary force bent on stopping him.

GameSpot have now played through several sequences set later in the game and gotten hands-on with some of Tenno's more advanced and interesting powers.

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tony3858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

will be better than everyone was expecting. it shows a good use of the aging unreal engine 3. well done. it does have a some of gears of war influence in it and the a.i. behaves a little off . when does this game be out?