Rage - Recoil Review [Horrible Night]

Justin Gifford: "Rage may not break any new ground, but it’s as good of a pure FPS as you’ll find, which is what you should expect from the guys who damn near invented the genre."

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Relientk772129d ago

I thought RAGE was one of the best games of 2011

rdgneoz32129d ago

It was a fun game, though one of the worst endings ever. It was made with a sequel in mind, but they could have done a better job with it (the ending). I did love making all the robots and sending them out after all the enemies and seeing their reactions.

Big_Mex2129d ago

Definitely had more fun with RAGE than it seems most did (PC).

Somebody2129d ago

I bought Rage at Steam's Summer Sale and find it to be quite entertaining. I encountered the dreaded performance hits when I first started the game but somehow it became smooth after a couple of restarts.

Minor points : I do find the NPCs' reaction to our character a bit funny. I mean, we've just got out our stasis pod and suddenly everyone need our "special" skills to do stuff they are too lazy to do themselves. The first guy who rescued me from the bandits sent me back minutes later to the bandits' lair to wipe them out. No breakfast or catching my breath - just head back and massacre those guys we met earlier in their own home. Alone. With a pistol that me rescuer admitted that might not be sufficient for the task at hand.

They keep reminding us to keep our Ark origin hidden from the Authority and yet everyone everywhere openly acknowledged who we are.

SlapHappyJesus2129d ago

Can't say I agree with the original posters.

I found the game to be pretty dull, honestly. The ai was impressive, but the gunplay didn't do it for me, and I didn't feel that they pulled off the setting all that well either.

Opinions are just that though - opinions.

LightofDarkness2129d ago (Edited 2129d ago )

I actually liked the gun-play and the AI was pretty cool too. I also liked the hand-animated characters, the attention to detail in their movement was reminiscent of a CG movie at times. But that's where the positives end.

The driving section were dull and tedious, which is why it truly boggles the mind as to why they chose this to be the representative gameplay in multiplayer, especially when the gun play was so fun. The story may as well not have been there, and the mission structure was horrendous. It was just one bad RPG quest trope after another (fetch x, kill x amount of these, talk to x, repeat). It seems like they didn't actually start making the RPG/questing aspect of it until about 6 months before release, and didn't have enough time to flesh it out.

It seems like a game that didn't know what it wanted to be, being pulled in multiple directions so much that it barely left the start, never going far enough into any of them to qualify it as an adventure. Here's hoping Doom 4 is a return to form.

Klonopin2126d ago

It's a good game but the post apocalyptic setting and story felt so played out and derivative. Fallout had Project Eden, Rage has the Eden project. Fallout had a vault, Rage has an arc. Fallout has the Enclave, Rage has the Authority, you see my point? The missions are nothing more than fetch quests to get from point A to point B. On the surface Rage gives the impression of being open-world but you eventually come to find out that it's all smoke and mirrors.

The gun-play on the other hand is very well done, and not surprisingly it's the best aspect of RAGE. The driving and vehicle combat segments do offer some nice variety but it's nothing groundbreaking.