A Clarification of Warner extending It's HD DVD Support

The Digital Bits reports that it looked into that TG Daily story from yesterday about Warner extending their HD-DVD support by three weeks. It's actually not an extension, it's really just a clarification.

It simply reflects the fact that Warner is delaying their catalog HD-DVD releases three weeks after the DVD and Blu-ray release as well as new release titles. So whatever the last major DVD and Blu-ray title announcement is before the end of May, the HD-DVD version will come out in early June and will be the studio's last release on the format.

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Cyrus3653646d ago

This story explains the "Extension" details further, and why it's extended by 3 weeks. It's due to them releasing HD-DVD 3 weeks later.

mikeslemonade3646d ago

We all know Microsoft slipped a blank check under the table. No suprise here. Microsoft is trying to prolong HD-DVD all the way until the masses have appeal for digital downloads.

demolitionX3646d ago

3 weeks for DD to get some ground!!! lol!

bosels113646d ago

I dont ever see DD becoming the norm for movies - at least not for a decade or so. And anyone who buys into it, ought to be shot. Too much control over how we watch movies can be used this way. I would hate to download and then be forced to have to rent in a way - not saying this will happen, but could. And if Microsoft has anything to do with it, IT WILL! F#CK Bill Gates!!!

OutLaw3646d ago

Does it really make a difference. Dead is Dead no matter how you put it.

Yo Mama3646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

Only those poor souls who can't accept hd-dvd is dead needed this clarification, as it was obvious to us other know, the ones with common sense.

OutLaw3646d ago

You're right Mclovin. LOL.

Love the Avatar

chrno63646d ago

3 weeks imao. Yup that's going to help haha..nawt.

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The story is too old to be commented.