Star Wars: The Force Unleashed previewed by GameTap

Let's face it. The Star Wars movies never really gave a true glimpse of what the Force can do. Sure, Yoda used it to raise an X-wing out of the muck and Anakin Skywalker picked up, uh, an apple and put it on Padme's plate, but it always seemed as though Jedi and Sith Lords alike were holding back. That's all about to change in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.

"When we started this game, we really wanted reenvision Star Wars in a lot of ways and reenvision the Force," says Haden Blackman, project lead at LucasArts. "We came up with this concept of the Force unleashed, which is obviously the title of the game, and it's the Force blown out of proportion: over the top, amped up, and out of control."

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Mr_Kuwabara3823d ago

This game is starting to look pretty [email protected]$$.

meepmoopmeep3823d ago

can't wait to see more of this in action.

KingKirchner3823d ago

this game could be really good. I'm keeping my eye on it.