PlayStation Are Asking If We'd Buy PS3 And PS Vita Games From

TSA: "This could be great – not just for consumers but also for developers and publishers who would no doubt love to be able to direct potential customers to a webpage for purchasing rather than trying to navigate the PS Store."

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Nodoze2100d ago

Not unless they are priced at a significant discount. That won't happen as that would alienate retail partners. So in the end we have a scenario in which a digital copy of a game will be priced the same as a retail copy.

No thanks Sony.

topekomsi2100d ago

On most of their vita games right now, have around a $5 discount on digital versions. Which isn't much. I'm not wanting a full digital dist next gen, at this point I still like haveing the option to choose digital vs physical media.

Also agree with first poster, there would need to be more significant discounts if they did go full DD.

t0mmyb0y2100d ago

I can't get over how much they sell some PS3 games for on the store, when I can go buy a used physical game for cheaper. It's no wonder they want to do away with used games. Eff that

gaffyh2100d ago

Yeah, Sony discounts there own games on the Vita store by 10%, so they could easily do this with physical copies of games they sell themselves. Obviously they wouldn't be able to do this with third-party games.

ABizzel12100d ago

Overpriced Memory for PSVita, and $100 for both versions of the same game will kill any attempt of this concept working.

Step 1)
Make larger PSVita Memory Cards, and reduce the prices of them.

$20 for 4GB is insanity, and a 4GB memory card can barely hold 4 full Vita games. The 4GB needs to be phased out, and replaced by the 8GB at the same price (if not lower).

8GB - $20
16GB - $30
32GB - $50
64GB - $80

Still overpriced, but people would actually be willing to pay for a larger memory card, which they'd need for this to work via PSN.

Step 2)
Include flash memory inside the PS Vita. This is beyond me. If the PSP GO had it, why didn't the Vita have it day 1. As a matter of fact here's where you can use all the left over 4GB sticks. You can have a 4GB wi-fi version ($199) or an 8GB - 16GB 4G version ($249). And as we know 4G is capable fo running a multiplayer game, so try to get the Vita included on the new "Add a tablet" deals via AT&T and Virizon.

Step 3)
Lose AT&T as the exclusive carrier. This was by far the dumbest idea ever. What's the purpose of buying the 3G version or a 4G version in the future if AT&T isn't your phone provider. Why should I have to pay two separate companies to use 3G on my Vita. The answer is I'm not.

Step 4)
1. If the PS3 version of the game release first (a year or so), make a HD Collection featuring the PS3 version and Vita version selling it for $40 - $60.

2. Have a PSN discount of 10% off all titles sold on PSN vs. retail and 20$ off if you have PS+. New PS3 games on PSN would cost $48 for PS+ members vs. $60 retail and Vita games would cost $32 vs. $40 at retail (drop the $50 games on PSVita, that's too much even for Uncharted). You're paying $80 for both versions on PSN rather than $100 for both via retail.

And you can even throw in a deal like buy the PS3 version get the Vita version 50% off, making it $48 + $16 ($40 - 20% = $32 - 50% = $16), or $64. With this kind of intensive gamers will start buying exclusively from these services, why pay $60 retail, when you can get the PS3 and PSVita version of a game for $64 on PSN.

3. Finally make the games cross-play compatible so we don't have to buy both versions. We can get the Vita version, on our new 4G Vita, and play anywhere anytime with our friends. Implement these into Gaikai, and boom every PSVita is now a PS3 as well.

Making PS VIta as PS3 is going to be important, because what's the point in buying a Vita if you can buy a PS3 for the same price, and possible less if the rumors of the PS3 Super Slim are true. Answer it's a PS3 you can take anywhere with it's own library of exclusive games. Gotta work on that exclusive part as well.

HappyGaming2099d ago

I also love the android feature of going to the website on my pc clicking what I want to buy and then download and when I check my phone it has already started downloading it :D

Imagine that for PS4 you go on the PC click click click what you want to buy and then your PS4 turns on and starts downloading back home while you could be at work in another room or even country.

And when its done it installs and shuts down.

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Christopher2100d ago

PS+ members should get a 20-30% discount on all new games for the first month. That would at least encourage PS+ subscriptions and give people a bit more of a reason to shop on and PSN. And, the lost percentage would only take their profit margin back to what it would be if the B&M stores were to sell it out of the box.

topekomsi2098d ago

I think we would see ps3 exclusives sell better that way.

garos822100d ago (Edited 2100d ago )

agree totally DD are a complete waste of time and money. the whole point is to save consumers money yet they charge around 10% in some cases more than retail disc copy from the high street.

no thanks

edit: also there is no need to print discs and manuals,ship them and store them so why the hell are they so expensive?

MrBeatdown2100d ago (Edited 2100d ago )

There is one upside to it. Two copies for the price of one.

For example, Episodes from Liberty City. I opted to buy the DLC version so both my brother and I could play simultaneously with our copies of GTA4.

Well, at least that's how it works on PS3. Not sure on 360. My brothers don't own a 360, so I've never looked into how DLC works across multiple systems.

I'm a bit of a collector, so I always prefer a physical copy, but I can't say I'm not tempted by the digital versions of multiplayer games on occasion.

Oh_Yeah2100d ago

the dd version being more expensive than the retail makes no sense, your not getting a case, manual, or disc so it should be cheaper more like 50 to 45 for a new release. the devs, the customers and sony will benefit from digital download if they did it right.

oh and F gamestop, its time to bring them down. their markups range into the 100%'s of what they give you for your games.

jujubee882100d ago (Edited 2100d ago )

Honestly, people who created that survey. Did you not expect people in your sample audience like Nodoze giving you a response in which multiple sentence caveats should be added but instead they wrote down "no" because you give them a more binary choices of "yes", "no", or "maybe"? . I just hope you DO sell your games online ANYWAYS to have SOME presence online. ANY PRESENCE ONLINE AT ALL IS BETTER THAN NOTHING, SO PLEASE SELL YOUR GAMES ONLINE.

Here is a simple PRO argument (now that everyone has stated their opinions on the matter),

Do people want to go to a website to buy Playstation games from the convenience of a web browser? Yes.


Not everyone has their Playstation hardware with them at all times nor can all games across Playstation's hardware family be downloaded on a single piece of hardware (i.e. VITA's PS Store can not buy PS3 games).

It is just that simple.

p.a. Also, I lol'd @ my all caps header after it was submited. XD

WeskerChildReborned2100d ago

Or come with some good deals like pre order bonuses you can't get anywhere or like bundle packs that are pretty cheap.

ginsunuva2099d ago

You miss the point. It's asking if you want to download from a website (via pc or tablet) rather than having to get it from the ps3. So if you're overseas while a good sale is going on, you could purchase on a pc

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LNDCalling2100d ago

Personally I don't see this happening or even how it would work.

Not sure what the point of this would be but it is late afternoon and I've had a few beers in the sun so perhaps I'm missing something!

tigertron2100d ago

Only if they are priced at competitive rates such as Amazon and have fast/reliable deliveries.

guitarded772100d ago

If I could gift them. Sometimes I want to buy a PSN title for a friend, but PSN doesn't let me gift them.

Also, like others have said, prices need to be competitive.

fermcr2100d ago

If they had Steam prices and discounts, then yes, i would buy PS3 And PS Vita Games From

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