Skyrim: 1.7 'Dawnguard' Update Hitting PS3 In 'The Coming Weeks' - Bethesda

NowGamer: Bethesda won't be launching Dawnguard in July, with the developer confirming the critical 1.7 update won't hit PS3 for weeks.

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DragonKnight1739d ago

Bethesda screws over PS3 gamers yet again? That's new.

1739d ago
RufustheKing1739d ago

You know what really pisses me off about this? the fact that we wait a few weaks and then there are still problems with it that take months to fix. :(

DA_SHREDDER1739d ago

meh, Ill wait for the GOTY edition like I did New Vegas, got it for 17 bucks with all the dlc

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