Warner Extends HD DVD Support by Nearly One Month

Tom's Hardware writes:

" Warner Home Video announced this week that it will continue to release titles on HD DVD for three weeks longer than it originally anticipated."

"Earlier this month, Warner said that it is going to stop supporting HD DVD in May. However, it has now decided to push that deadline back a few weeks to be able to release more of its upcoming titles on both formats."

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Lucreto3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

3 more weeks still won't help HD-DVD much.

monks3735d ago

its a basic business move

by waiting a few weeks thay can release I Am Legend one of its biggest hitters for the year and make some extra cash

off people rushing to build a collection of hddvd before it goes

i am sure i will get some disagees but i persoanlly feel that hddvd are flogging a dead horse now

captainpwn3735d ago

You know have 3 weeks longer to live. Enjoy it while it lasts. The Sony tyrrant took you down, and it wasn't easy, but it happend. The 360 is the next PoS Sony is going to murder. So get ready.

ambientFLIER3735d ago

I believe N4G should make everyone take a spelling test before being able to create an account. How are you uneducated morons even able to construct a basic sentence?

frizshizzle3735d ago

probably coincides with the 3 week delay on hd dvds.

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The story is too old to be commented.