GTA IV Gets Dated, Triggers Obligatory Jack Thompson Threat

Last week's announcement that the long-awaited Grand Theft Auto IV would be released on April 29th did not escape the notice of Miami attorney Jack Thompson.

The anti-game activist, who has been abnormally subdued since the conclusion of his Florida Bar trial last month, issued an e-mail on Thursday threatening unspecified legal and political mayhem for Take Two when GTA IV launches. Thompson, of course, has a contentious legal history with Take Two and its Rockstar subsidiary.

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monks3675d ago

i wish this guy would just move on

the game is created for adults and has the mark on the box to show that if people buy it for there kids what can rockstar do

and because of people like him it puts some game companys off taking some risks

i am sorry rant over :->

decapitator3675d ago

Doesn't this man have anything else better to be doing besides chasing down video games ? I hope GTAIV is not delayed again because of him.

Quickstrike3675d ago

Are u insane? GTA 4 needs to be cancled not just delayed. Jack Thompson FTW. GTA 4 FTL. (I'm not kidding around)

vloeistof3675d ago

o better stay away from gta iv we have waited long enough

Skerj3675d ago

It'd be hilarious if he were disbarred on April 28th or the 27th.

f7ss13675d ago

thompson can go **** himself, if he does anything to screw up the release of this game he will take so much $hit from gamers

chrno63675d ago

I can't wait till to meet him in GTA4 that is.

f7ss13675d ago

he'll be a character in the game that you have to assasinate in a mission

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The story is too old to be commented.